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  1. Inside jokes are the funniest jokes in the world, yet so not funny when you explain it to someone else. For example: "The witch is dead!" (...some friends and I were creating a song... that's the only line we could come up with) Balls McLovin (well, not as much of an inside joke, but that was my self-imposed nickname for a week; is meant to be said in a Captain Morgan stance) "Wayne is a whore"* (a 2 minute improv song about a friend of mine I sang with my guitar at school one day, during lunch. Somehow, the rhymes just fell into place) Most of these inside jokes form between me and a friend of mine, just to see how people would react. One time, at the beginning of a history class, we lined up at the front, looking at the board. I invited people to join, so did she. Eventually, over half the class was standing at the front of the class, teacher included, trying to figure out what the purpose was ...thank you for reading my random post of the day *excuse the language, my dear fellow mods. Plz+thx.
  2. Why is there a sudden tension in The Sanctuary? BTW, How about a huge wall of sound?
  3. Currently listening to my life's theme song (used to be in an iPod touch commercial, I think): Seriously, if your problems seem bigger than Kanye West's head, listen to this song. It has served me well for every time I've felt negative in any way. My secondary theme song: It's about the questions of life, and the pursuit for the answers, as well as the ingenuity of humanity and possibilities for the future. It's stuff like this that I think about all the time (and me having ADHD, I mean all the time).
  4. Spam bots are cute. They walk in and post a burst of quick and happy trolling ♥♥♥ I'm wondering what I should do. Get an iPod touch or an Android phone? I hear that the Cliq is actually pretty good of a phone (outdoes the G1 and MyTouch), but there's always the Hero, Touch HD2 (coming out in less than a week), but the price is going to be pretty high. I already have a history of iPod touch use, and would love to get another with twice the speed and storage for $10 less. The ZuneHD is pretty much out of the question (to rough around the edges and new; would wait at least a year and a half). Oh, and I'm also considering getting none of them and going with a netbook (does everything I'd want a laptop to do, but quicker* and smaller) *quicker, in my dictionary, doesn't mean faster- i.e., the task gets done faster, not the processing of the task. Think Twitter posting or Facebook checking.
  5. Believe me, it works After I did the hand, I poured alcohol on my table and lit it for kicks and giggles [and I kicked... and giggled.]
  6. Yup. In a way. It's like this: If you and your friends are all online, and someone starts talking about cheese, then everybody can talk about cheese together. They can send pictures of cheese to each other, or YouTube videos about the history of cheddar if they wanted. Then play a game of connect 4 to decide what cheese to buy for the office party. So in conclusion, Google Wave is for realtime cheese discussion. Thus, it is awesome.
  7. Ooooh, get rubbing alcohol, pour it on your hands, and light it with a match! It's sheer awesome
  8. ...I am falling in love with Sigur Ros at the moment... I'll get back to my rudimentary life once I finish their album () [untitled 4 is incredible] EDIT: Oh, and the quote of the day is "I'm not as random as some people salad."
  9. My happiness: I was browsing Yahoo Answers, and the funniest question was posted: "Im trying to remember that song that goes bum bum, bum bum bum, bum bum bum, something something,?" I lol'd.
  10. 9/10 simply because of how well it complimented Eminem in Stan. (it's a B-side that very few know about)
  11. Sudden happiness: Saw lots of awesome YouTube videos. A (Van Halen song) and some Asian guy tasered himself on webcam (and was knocked out).
  12. My happiness: well, a lot of things, really. But I'll just type as I think of things I'm happy about. Google Chrome is awesome (I stopped using Firefox entirely a few weeks ago; Chrome is ~4x faster, and I never run out of RAM, and it passes Acid3). I just managed to learn the intro to Paranoid Android on my guitar, and it feels epic Oh, and I'm in Mozart mode (constant awesome music creation ftw).
  13. http://www.engadget.com/2008/12/03/inte ... to-5-5ghz/ I think I saw another report of an i7 going beyond the 6.xGHz barrier. I remember that story! Pretty epic stuff, there. Also, this is just awesome: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/ ... lls/scale/
  14. ...so while everyone's watching 2012, I'm going to be trapped watching New Moon with Tiffany.... *sigh* By the way, I'm trying to make something really epic out of this, but I don't know what to do (can't find acapellas that match it right): http://drop.io/del_rio/asset/minimalist ... ocello-mp3 Any ideas? I'm trying to keep it minimalistic EDIT: Kinda just noticed that while I use FL Studio, one of the best techno making engines, I tend to stand by more real-world instruments for my music. I was never destined to make rave music, I guess.
  15. I never really noticed just how much work I put into that Reckoner remix till now that I realigned some samples and transplanted the vocals (there were random small clippings in the first version). Now I'm uploading the original files (minus the drum beats for reasons beyond my control) together in a zip file for the sake of future reference (over 45mb of reference...) EDIT: Yay! http://www.mediafire.com/file/yemziguny ... tredux.zip
  16. Haha, Tag Flow... that stuff was funny. In other news, I made a new, seemingly random signature. http://usedhonda.110mb.com/Images/rand/yup.png You may know what it is, you may not. I first encountered it in an IQ test... Difficult number sequences FTW!
  17. The day the Earth ran out of Chicken and Popcorn is a documentary by the same people who brought you Supersize Me, where one man goes through the troubles of not eating any meats or junk food for 30 days. Am I missing an eyebrow?!?
  18. Wow, a year really has gone by fast. That day one year ago was like a random kick in the stomach where you're in a state of "woah..... wait-... woah."
  19. Jigsaw Falling Into Place ~Radiohead Just realized how incredible that song is, along with a lot of the songs they make. Have you noticed that other than the occasional repeated phrase, there's absolutely no rhyming, at least on typical standards? But the vocal and iambic harmony are so perfect, it seems like there is. Oh, and the composition behind the guitar is genius (I managed to learn most of it)
  20. I think that's pretty cool. Much more appealing of a website than the one Rick dished out. The site looks more like a proof of concept. I don't see anything wrong with it. In fact, the license page is the same as Rick's (even kept the same developer names). There are even links to all the important parts of the forum, as well as the original website (someone from the forum had to have made this for there to be a link to the abandoned Wikibook).
  21. ^awesome I don't see many advantages to FLAC; Honestly, I don't see a difference between 200-something kbps from 320 kbps mp3s. Besides, the speakers you're going to to them on and the environment nearby will probably not be of the highest quality. When I'm making remixes in FL Studio, I tend to either encode in 320 or 430 kbps, and I still can't get a grasp on its true sound with my speakers. When I hook up my PS3 to the surround sound system, the soundgasm begins (7 speakers, all with great bass and treble balance).
  22. ^Okay, then I remember when I had Ubuntu on this computer... wasn't as fast as I wanted, even though I never really installed anything on it. I had XP running as a VPC, and it performed faster... Then again, that was a version of XP was the "Performance Edition", which I found at a certain pie-rating bay :wink:
  23. The only songs I listen to with Lil' Wayne are really ones that he's just featured in, and I just end up laughing when he jumps in. Have you ever heard him try to yell? It's just sad. By the way, not sure what I should remix next. Shiver by Coldplay or, well, Never Gonna Give You Up. What should I do? I'll take other suggestions, too...
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