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  1. I play most of my psx and ps2 games on my emulators. If you don't know what they are, look them up. if your upset at me mentioning it, don't. It is legal. The roms for old games such as the NES and Atari are also legal. But things like GBA roms are illegal. EDIT: I just ralized that the word emu was alredy used here. In that case, you do need an emu for those games. a pc can read ps games, but can't play or copy them.
  2. Their watching you... surveillance camera> Pick Pockets
  3. Post all of your favorite games and say why their the best/worst of them all! TrackMania Nations is a great free online game. Super realistic for it to be free. My newest game is GTR 2. I didn't realize how rare and how high the rating was when I got it. According to gamespot.com, it has a 9.0 rating! Thats like 9 out of 10 (I think)!
  4. Honestly, get a Photoshop trial and then try it out. Well, actually I just tried it on CS2 and I can't think of a way to do it one there either.
  5. If you want it to keep your layers, search for a file uploader instead of a image uploader. I've done that once on this forum
  6. That reflection effect seems to come in handy for you.
  7. I've been looking for a good meme to customize, and I finally found one: Orig. (Photoshoped, so don't worry): Mod 1 (small in the background) Where no tourist has gone before Mod 2 Commercial flights. You can find the orig. and more if you search Google images for Tourist Guy
  8. I know another alternative to CS2....... CS3!!!! (in case you didn't get it, CS3 is in beta as of the 15)
  9. @Born2killx: Did you just use MSPaint instead of Paint.NET for that? Anyway Tourists> God (happy?) **INTRODUCING MY FIRST MEME**
  10. I've been trying to make the track I posted earlier into a vector, but the program is messed up and crashes when I try to save. Not only that, but I can't find an image hoster that supports the .svg format.
  11. I was thinking about posting that in the suggestion area.
  12. I am now downloading DrawPlus 4 (free) Vector Graphics Editor. I do have Correl Painter IX and PS CS (both on my Mac PowerBook, and I can prove it with screenshots if you want), but this is paint.net creations, and I want to see what free programs beat others. For example Paint.NET is very good in comparison to PS CS, but the Magic Wand isn't as good (it's misses a lot of pixels)
  13. Link to my slightly thicker track (with my original name in the center). http://www.uploading.com/files/1TK1GDH8/Deland.pdn.html I also have another one called "Mars Dirt Track". Prety self explanatory. A Mars satallte image with a track (with walls) that tries to dodge a couple of craters and go right through others.
  14. It doesn't look very good. I refined it before and made all of the lines thicker, but paint.net stopped responding on me when I tried flipping it, and didn't save. And I just realized that it's all messed, too thin and thick, and all pixelated with too much dirt with no parking lot or audience. EDIT: I'm redoing it now, and It looks good. Using relief makes it look like an overused go-kart track
  15. A two lap endurance I made another png that has dirt, walls, parking lots, and thickening roads. Just like here, I'm usedHONDA at GTP. I never go to the GT4 subforum because (ironically) I don't have GT4. You can find me in the Rumble Strip and Cars in General areas most of the time. I have achieved the record for the longest guessing time for the guess that blurred car thread. EDIT: I just ended that record setting blurred car bay posting it's name.
  16. Discovery lighting up the night sky > night (I was there and my friends said they could it lit up the sky even though they were on the other side of Florida )
  17. heat evaporates water EDIT: Well this is an interesting predicament. Well we do have the same thing to beat water, so all is well.
  18. This is a forum game that has been handed down from one forum to another, and I am now bringing it here! The game is simple. I post up a picture of a random object (E.g. bread) And the next person posts a pic of something that could beat the last pic (E.g. time/age) Because bread molds when it ages, and so on the next person posts something that can beat time. The best way to show that you beat them is in an y > x format. In this case, it would have been time > bread I'll start: Ferrari > nothing
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