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  1. That "some app for mac" would be their image preview program, and thats for cropping images.
  2. I find the unlimited history to be a good thing. There were a couple of times when I needed to undo like 30 steps in CS2, and it only let me go like 20. Now that was aggravating for me. MSPaint only lets you go back 5. There are still things that PDN does better than PS. One of the most significant things is that the pallet is easier to look at and use. Another is the Clouds affect (it may not seem that great to you, but I use it all the time to make flames). You can see while your making the "line" for it to go by (that wasn't worded very well). TABS. ITS FREE. WE OFFER CODES TO ALL TOOLS AND EFFECTS SO YOU CAN DO WHATEVER WITH THEM. PS IS MORE THAN 200MB WHILE PDN IS ONLY 30MB. ITS FREE. THUMBNAILS FOR ALL TOOLS AND EFFECTS. ITS FREE. NO KEYGENS REQUIRED. UNLIMITED HISTORY. TRANSLUCENT WINDOWS. TRANSPARENCY/ALPHA FOR COLOR PALLET. ITS FREE. Should I name more? EDIT: @Bob: It takes longer to download CS2 on my current connection than download 30MB on dial up. And by the way, you can get DSL for a fixed $12.95 if you look around. I forgot what company, but I think it was AT&T.
  3. It took me a while to make (it takes longer to do fonts in CS2). The e on ".net" is a little messed up. The little "TM" could be a little more blurred. The BETA is a little too blurred, but still looks good knowing that I made it from scratch. Maybe one day, I'll be able to make a tutorial on how to make Google-like fonts. I just need to figure it out.
  4. So you do some internet form of Caricatures. My sister does Caricatures (along with oil panting, flash animation, figure drawing, and 3d animaton). She gets good gigs, but she worked on Christmas eve and day. Try to do one of her! [www.esly.net] And one other boasting remark, she worked on the movies Tarzan and Eight Crazy Nights.
  5. Just to make it easier to understand, I made a new homepage for you.
  6. I was using a Mac font and I had translated "paint" to Japanise BETA on Google to get ペンキ.
  7. I hope someone would make a magnetic lasso pluggin. Well to tell you the truth, this is a photoshop job.
  8. I am putting this in a new post because this isn't a contest entry. Just for fun. Master Yoda says: "Make a real logo for God's sake, Man!!!"
  9. Where did you take the pictures? I live in Orlando!
  10. @Illnab1024: You could use my origional logo for the lettering if you want. I don't have it copyrighted yet
  11. Did you take the "they rock they rule" thing from my avatar?
  12. There isn't really a way to bend, but some alternatives are the buldge dissort tool or you can right-click while using the "move selected pixels" tool to change the angle of the object (I use it for angled lettering). I;m not sure if there is a pluggin for that already, but you should search and download some others that you didn't plan on even if you didn't find what you wanted.
  13. I didn't plan on making this a contest, but this can be fun. I'll work on it later EDIT: I decided to have some fun. Master Yoda says: "Burns the eyes the eyes the picture does" ANOTHER EDIT: Master Yoda says: "D00D!!! OMG WTF LOL LMAO ROFL BBQ!!!!!!................ looks good." Master Yoda says: "A step closer to victory this picture is." Old school New school High school Master Yoda says: "The last one looks like the tattoo I got last week."
  14. I hate the spray can. It isn't verry usefull.
  15. I think it make it look cool. Some websites like uber.com (I forgot all the others) look cool because of that. In other words, Comic book writing doesn't look cool. Another thing I changed is the dot on the "i". [its bigger] EDIT: I just realized that I forgot to make the image smaller. I was going to put this in a new thread, but I've had bad experiences with tough moderators at GTPlanet.net. I was banned a week ago.
  16. @BoltBait: Like I said, I saw it in a dream (actually in the dream, I got comments like that ). At least you can use the redone font. That was actually the purpose.
  17. *****DRUM ROLL PLEASE***** I INTRODUCE THE ALL NEW (BIGGER) Paint.NET LOGO!!! [scroll down] I can give you the .pdn version with the layers and settings if you want. No part of this logo has been spared!!! I made it all from scratch! I had to modify the font I used to make it like the original. If your using a skin like the xBox skin, you will see the difference from the logo on the top of the page. Believe it or not, I created the icon from a dream I had one time. It isn't exact, but its close (the one in my dream had more lines and wasn't too pretty). EDIT: I made the color more saturated on the "icon"
  18. UPDATE: I finally got some time and I'm doing the finishing touches. Well kinda. I'm planning on changing the actual logo a bit. It will be a 430x100 or something like that. Just in case you wanted to do more with it. You can do things like use the logo for Object Dock (look it up).
  19. That would be good to include as a primary download (the one that everyone sees first).
  20. Not only N-Game is fun, but can be downloaded so you can play more than 3 times the levels, It also includes a level editor and you can give your E-Mail to submit your best times. Grow Cube: http://www.eyezmaze.com/grow/cube/
  21. (I couldn't resist ) Heres one: I already did half of the work by taking a couple of big scratches and creases in the scaned photo (and I made it square). The story behind it (skip over if you want): The picture is from the wedding of my grandparents. My aunt (very old) found the picture in an old book she had. She gave it to my Dad for Cristmas. He wanted my to scan it and make copies of it. I did that, and now I want (to/you to) do more by retouching it.
  22. Right now I'm working on a new png logo for the paint.NET logo (so you can apply it to any background color). What font was used to do the "paint" part? ".NET"? (I know that that's an official logo for Windows and I can find a large image for it, but I would still like to know) EDIT: I'll just make lines in a new layer instead.
  23. N-Game is one of the best I've ever played http://www.addictinggames.com/ngame.html
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