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  1. Maybe we should stick with the old logo and use that for the loading thing as Mr.Squbbles just said. I messed up on this one, so don't make this an entry.
  2. Mr. Squibbles: http://www.flickr.com/photos/propboy/195445018/ Fa La La
  3. This cat> this dude *notice how its stepping on him*
  4. So you can actually be on the forum more: http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Everex-S ... tDetail.do I'm thinking about getting it. Here is an imitation of the one I'm using right now: http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/eMachine ... tDetail.do The one I have: http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/eMachine ... tDetail.do But I think you should be looking at this: http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Desktop- ... orylist.do They always have the best deals. It isn't really a big loss, just buy the cheapest computer you can find and put your Monitor, C-drive, Disk drive, Graphics card, and all of those other things tkhat still work into the new one. Thats what I did when minde did the same thing as yours. *HINT* Its the Motherboard that fried.
  5. Should we have categories for voting (i.e. most creative, modern, best of show)?
  6. I kinda messed up with the shape of the bottom, but you get the idea.
  7. You make a quarter billion circles in the shape of your "mushroom"(white with black background), Gaussian blur (almost to the max), clouds (overlay works best), curves, and viola! [/img]
  8. I took a screenshot of the game and made it into a drawing/painting.
  9. Would that be GIMP or a Photoshop trial?
  10. "An image in motion!" Google says: "The image currently undergoing processing and analysis." Maybe it needs to be in one layer to be able to crop? Wait. I'll investigate. Okay, I figured it out. You have to have something selected in order to use it (rectangle select).
  11. I heard GIMP is sllooowww. I think he means a keygen for Photoshop [if a mod needs to mod it, then so be it]
  12. My original idea for the logo has been recreated several times. Cool! All of the lines and curves you see came from one 5 pixel black line. I used a lot of gradients and plugins. Also used: Move selected Pixels (10 times); Curves (3 times); Invert colors (2 times); Edfects Invert intensity(once for the second). Fusion Cold Fusion I finally got around to getting it fixed.
  13. Paint.net is much easier than it seems. Much easier than Photoshop (trust me, I have CS2). I think you should start with the Plugins forum first (you may need some for certain tutorials). Just read the tutorial that grabs your interest. First look at the ones marked as a Sticky topic. I like the one entitled "How to start a fire with PDN" (it should be at the very top).
  14. I would 'splain, but It would take too long. I used the same process for this:
  15. Its a bit small, but I'm sure you can do something with it And it happens to be from Super Metroid, too! EDIT: How's that for ye?
  16. I just noticed that I have a misspelling in the homepage I made. I guess I'll be working on that soon... @barkbark00: I like the first one better. @Mosh: You shold make your avatar of Samus running (preferably from Super Metroid, the best in the 2D series). If you don't know how to do that, read this: 1 Get an emulator. 2 Go to freeroms.com (perfectly legal without any inappropriate material) 3 play the game, take screenshots, and use them in Microsoft GIF Animator (or some other program like it). 4 Enjoy.
  17. I know that in Picassa they add green to the selected area.
  18. This is a good sign. There are twice as many new users posting questions and comments. That only means that more people are downloading PDN!!!
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