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  1. Yes EDIT: Seeing as you changed your post... Well, in a way, yes (my signature is 100% PDN), as long as you know how to work it in your favor or if you follow the right tutorials and are provided really good stock images.
  2. Here's one of the best things to know about the line/curve tool: You can right click on the nodes to make it a bezier curve (i.e., really smooth). Knowing about that is a lifesaver
  3. @hyrule: Ugh, one thing that really gets me upset is when I'm listening to music casually, and Rick Astley comes up through shuffle on my phone. I feel so defenseless, so crushed inside... For the sake of getting other people upset as well, I set it as my ringtone 8)
  4. Rant: Things are suddenly becoming bland to me. The 500 songs on my phone are becoming redundant, I have no iPod touch to entertain me on the go (and someone managed to delete every song on my computer), I pwn everyone in Halo a little too easy [unless my ping suddenly jumps to over two seconds as usual], Counter-Strike takes like 3 minutes to load, there's like no hope for me in Chemistry [curse you, electron configurations and reaction predictions!], I have like three 4-hour assignments in math due in two days [curse you, complex fractions with complex numbers in them!], I have an Engineering/Physics test on the same day [curse you, gravity!], and this annoying chick keeps hitting on me instead of another chick [curse you, luck!], and I do believe that this has been one hellofalong run-on sentence. Oh, and I'm also starting to dislike rich[er] people, ever since I went to a mall on Sunday for lunch and ate at the Cheesecake factory. People everywhere, just talking on their iPhone like nothing, wearing $200 denim, and acting like their walking in the middle of Manhattan. I'm happy with my $20 phone, $40 outfit ($10 jeans, $10 shirt/casual dress shirt combo, $20 shoes, going commando), and my oddly positive attitude (believe me, a lot of people hate me because it's so hard to get me frowning). I also noticed that the demographics of a mall is vastly different from my school; 20% Black vs 5% Black, 10% Asian vs 25% Asian, 20% White vs 50% White, ect. The Sactuary Side: The Pasta Da Vinci I ordered was magnificent, especially when you pay through gift card.
  5. It's always entertaining to do some random Googling every now and then. I was working on a Spanish project an hour ago, and to check my grammar, I translate it to English via internet. The sentence comes out as following: "Hey Emperor, what happened to your Chalupa is that God made him a spell and transformed a volcano." So I decide to Google the term, and some of the most random things come out like a script for a play of some sort [It's a 1MB text file!]. Very entertaining to read random excepts from it: I should do Google searches like this more often
  6. @Mike Ryan: Ironically, I'm starting to like Apple Before, I used to hate iTunes just for the fact that one could simply use Songbird. However, after getting my iPod touch (2G, 16GB), I started to discover how good it really is. The Genius Playlist system is very useful for getting the perfect song for the moment, especially for big music libraries like mine (2GB free space on my iPod, though that includes a movie and ~150 apps). There honestly is a lot I could say about both my iPod and its software, but I'll spare you a lot of time and say that it's just as good as the commercials make it (hey, the processor is faster than that of the iPhone 3G). The only problems I had was that the accelerometer was minutely off, and scrolling through my library through the Sideways Album Flippy Thing for too long fills up the RAM, and suddenly goes to the homescreen (hey, that's 300 album covers). Oh, but tragically, someone stole my iPod touch a few weeks ago, and now I feel Amish when using my PC to post a Twitter update.
  7. [ironically, I'm watching Man vs. Wild right now.] This reminds me of what I did last Saturday; I went with a friend of mine to a McDonald's (next to a Wal-Mart). When I got to the front of the line, I took a 20 dollar bill (and some change) out and bought 20 dollar menu burgers, just because I could. I think I ate 4 of them
  8. Thank you for making the smartest move possible! At the moment, the best beginner cameras are the Nikon D60, D60x, D70, D80, Cannon EOS Rebel XT, XTi, and XSi. The camera you chose is the best not only for the megapixels and price, but because of the image sensor, massive extendability, and (my personal favorite) the ability to hack Canon digital cameras to no end.
  9. ^Wow, rather blunt there. You must be learning from Rick Unfortunately, Paint.NET doesn't support SVG files because they're vector images (a bunch of mathematically-placed curves, shapes, and text), and not what is called a "rasterized" image (just a bunch of colored dots). Now, one may think "why don't they just add vectors?", but sadly, it's not that simple. See, Paint.NET was originally programmed to be was to serve as a raster image editor, which means that our fellow programmers would have to basically create a whole new program in order to add this one feature (and believe me, that would take years). So yeah, click on that link to Inkscape in the post above; it was strictly designed to be a vector editor (so in turn, you'll never see raster image editing on there), also a free download to the public.
  10. Dido what Mike said ...unless what you want is to lower the transparency of the image by double-clicking (or clicking "Properties") on the image you want faded in the Layer window, then moving the transparency adjustment bar thing (hey, play with the Layer Blend modes while you're at it )
  11. Too bad the corrupted file was .pdn. Elsewise, the file would've been easily recoverable by opening it in MS Paint (seriously, it works; just about the only thing the program is good for, too :wink:)
  12. Wow, I come back to the forum to find a lot of really good signatures. Nice job to you all [yes, as a whole]! ____ Today, I played Counter-Strike: Source for the first time on my computer, and I have been blown away by its beauty. Well, not necessarily by it's beauty but really just how well it renders on my bare-bones box (1GB RAM, less than 1GB free space, integrated GPU, cheap speakers, 4-year-old processor). I took it through the built-in video card torture test, and it looked sweet. The water reflections, lighting effects and shadows, the texture quality (astounding :shock:), the alternating glow of the stained glass window, and even the luster of the dirty tile on the ground all looked perfect (ignoring the fact that antialiasing was disabled), and achieved 34fps, with 250mb+ of RAM to spare. So I create my own password protected server with me against three bots. Instant deja vu with a gaming competition I had seen last July on G4. I got a machine gun, a vest, and went on my way to set a bomb. Got killed the first time, I tried, but the game's basic coordination and physics were only a 5-minute learning curve, and before I knew it, I was sniping those bots like no tomorrow.
  13. In short, a proxy is something you use to bypass internet security on a computer. In a way, you're loading a website from another person's computer (often in a different country), and the page gets sent to the computer you're sitting at. One time, I got on a proxy, typed google.com, and it gave me Google Netherlands :shock: Actually, there is another way without Tor (especially if you want to get on any school computer with a filter in less than 5 minutes). Try Gpass. Their official website is blocked by most filters (for obvious reasons), but if you do a quick Google search, you'll be able to get it at Download.com. Once open, let it join a server, and you'll be online in less than 15 seconds (however, be warned that less popular websites will take longer to load, if they load at all). Very good if you have to get on YouTube, Facebook, or deviantART. ____ Anyway, my advice to you is to go to the deviantART forum, specifically their ThumbShare section. Believe me, it's flooded with opportunity (maybe 10 posts per minute in there)
  14. I've never heard of anybody using [or planning on using] a Cintiq with Paint.NET... To be brutally honest, I don't think you have what it takes to capture the full abilities of a Cintiq ; those giant things cost $2000 at Amazon, while I bought my current computer for $200 [it's only worth about $100 nowadays]. The only guy I know with a Cintiq has it because he uses it well; before he started working at EA Games as a graphic artist, he made a living as an animator for Disney (he did Curious George and Tarzan) and a freelance artist doing book and video game covers. I'd rather you go with a cheaper Wacom. I have a used Graphire2, and it works just as nice as some top-level tablets, just smaller. Having a screen is nice, but it's not $2000 nice, especially if you've never used a standard issue Wacom before. Looking at your monitor while you write is actually very easy to get used to; a 3 minute learning curve for me. As a matter of fact, I was playing Halo with my tablet on Friday; makes the shotgun a lot more fun
  15. 7/10, just because I can say the first couple of verses on the top of my head. I have the song, but I'm not a big System of a Down or Serj Tankian fan at all (though I must say Serj has a magnificent vocal range). Let's see... White Shadows by Coldplay
  16. Well, like most any language, learning ActionScript (Flash) takes a lot of reading and bore-inducing memorization. This is a really good place to start if you have Flahs CS3: http://www.senocular.com/flash/tutorial ... background Also, watching some less-boring tutorial videos are a great way to learn (though you won't learn *everything*)
  17. I've been getting back in touch with my Alternative/no genre side, lately: Anna Molly ~Incubus (such an addicting guitar riff!) Weird Fishes ~Radiohead (loving the new album, nice to hear a love song from them) Let the Drummer Kick ~Citizen Cope (chances are, you don't know the song or the artist. Now you do.) Frontier Psychiatrist ~The Avalanches (great DJ, very interesting )Remind Me ~Royksopp (the song for one of the first Geico caveman commercials) Teardrop ~Massive Attack (the theme song to House, a great show)
  18. Parklife ~Blur Oh, and Brompton Cocktail by Avenged Sevenfold. The opening riff is really addicting 8) Saturday, I had two songs stuck in my head, named "Lost", one by Avenged Sevenfold, the other by Coldplay.
  19. That's a good program, but I only use it to convert videos in a hurry. To download videos, I use a Greasemonkey script that, at the bottom of the video description, gives you the direct link to the mp4 (no conversion needed).
  20. Ana Molly ~Incubus then Cookie Jar ~Gym Class Heroes then Conversations ~Finger Eleven then Stan ~Eminem and finally... Country Grammar ~Nelly
  21. Wow, I got a nomination despite my strange absence from the forum Congrats to all the winners (and nominees)! I see that vista?'s efforts were worth it XD
  22. http://labs.mozilla.com/2009/01/major-ubiquity-update/ I'm glad you mentioned it, CMD :wink:
  23. A postcard from far away: Faster than my XP virtual PC :wink: I'm thinking about making a dual-boot with it, but I have hardly any hard drive space left. Time to buy another...
  24. Been listening to a lot of Coldplay lately, for the sake of inspiration for my poetry assignment (5 stanzas, iambic pentameter, no rhyming, quite difficult). So yeah, I've managed to listen to nothing but Coldplay. Got their new EP (Prospekt's March), which was the main source of inspiration, particularly in Lost+ where Jay-Z said the line "See Jesus, see Judas, see Caesar, see Brutus, see success is like suicide." Oh, and I also "borrowed" a few lines from their older singles, "The Scientist" and "What If?". It's funny the way Alternative bands are. They're like fruitcake; each and every one of them. U2 and Radiohead are massively popular, and I respect them greatly, but for some reason, I just don't like them. I want to like them, but my brain says no. Yet, Coldplay has always been appealing. Now Playing: 42 from Viva La Vida (IMO, the best song in the album).
  25. Wow, BB got a new signature By the way, my iPod has been my life saver for the last half a month. If any of you havnt been able to spend 5 minutes, I recomend you do so immediately. I've barely had to get on my computer at all! This thing carries everything I need from a metronome, The Dark Knight, and an alarm clock to my 1.5K music library*, everything Shakespeare ever wrote, and the good 'ol Bible. Oh, and I got a VNC app so I can control my computer from the nearby Italian bistro. *as long as I have my Coldplay albums and EPs, I'm good :wink:
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