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  1. Yes, that is what I wanted. TY But I'm also wondering like if I wanted to do a black sephia framed pic then how can I do that? Thanks, Aprilnmarcus
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could show me how to make a translucent image over pictures? I have attached a file pic containing an example. I would really appreciate the help. Also, Does anyone know how I can do like the cloud or foggy/sephia colored look on the edges of pics?? Thanks, aprilnmarcus
  3. When I open up paint.net and go to open then I can choose to open files under icons,cursors,or animated. But what I'm wondering is where in the menu in paint.net is it located so I can open it up to make the cursors? TY
  4. Ya I did that. But when I open up paint.net and try looking for it then I don't know where it is located. Could you let me know? TY Star*
  5. I had downloaded the first one provided and when I went to delete it to download the upgraded one then I received a error message that read: How can I delete it?? Thanks, Star*
  6. I just simply save in the right folder then right click and click 'Extract Here'. It's much simpler than moving around file around so much.
  7. Hi, I did just that and saved in that place. Now when I download it into that file-do I need to click on it or would it be all ready for use in paint.net? Because when I click on it then it opens up paint shop. Thanks, April
  8. Hi, My color box seemed to have disappeared and now I can't retreive it. Does anyone know how I can get it back? I redownloaded the program but it still won't show up. I had pushed it off to the side to view full pic and when I went to normally view it then it wasn't there. Thanks, April
  9. I've tried downloading the grid plugin but it keeps opening up in photoshop instead of paint.net. Isn't it supposed to open up in paint.net?? Thanks, Star*
  10. Mine won't work right and how come I can never flatten my images?? Thanks
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