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  1. may you find hier MGS or a similar one: http://betterfonts.com/ or by dafont.com or, you open a browser, type metal gear solid fonts in the textbox and click to the first link? (I think MGS = Metal Gera Solid?)
  2. Hmm... very strange... If i save image as a gif, it only saves the white shine. But First I read ".png" format, so i try that an in png format it works. But .gif I do anything wrong, I think. Thanks for the help greetz whisky
  3. My First Try is a SigBanner of another Community Made it with UnFreez... it was really devilish... At UnFreez I don't like that you couldn't move the GIFs you added. Its a very slim Program, but okay.
  4. It looks nice, but I have a Problem with this. If I had my bubble finish you wrote that we should make the background transparence. Ok, but if I do this and then want to save the Bubble as .gif, it only saves the white "shine" from step 6. It's difficulty to explain my Problem in Englisch :? I don't know, may I understand something wrong in your Tutorial, or isn't it possible to make a gif picture? Ô_o thanks in advance and sorry for english mistakes Whisky
  5. I do all my Signature Banners an Logos with Paint.NET It's not very special, I only mix some Pictures together and do some effects in, and than it became this for example: so long whisky
  6. Yes, could only be a women http://www.plotschi.ch/images/wall.JPG
  7. Ok, strange World... At home I exactly try this, but it didn't work. Maybe I'd do something wrong, don't know. But now I'd try it here at my Work-Computer, no Problems... Strange... Anyway, thanks very much :wink: btw: more than 10'000 free fonts you can download here http://betterfonts.com/ if somone is interessted so long Whisky
  8. Hi there I don't know, if I'm right here in this Part of the Forum, but I hope so. My Problem is, I have a lot of own Fonts on my Computer. Is there a way to bind them into Paint.NET? Because I love to work with Paint.NET (the Beta Version looks nice too ) but the Fonts in the Program... erm... really boring, sorry :wink: Hope anyone can help me, else I must write the Text with my own Font in Word, make a Screenshot and place that than into the Picture 8) So long Whisky P.S. Sorry for my strange English --> Swiss Women
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