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  1. It's the easiest way to curve text without manually doing every single letter.
  2. Well first off I didn't post this in the Plugin area because people woukd think it was some kind of release. I need for someone to make a plugin that is like wordart, where you can use curved effects, wave type effects, circle effects, etc. But if you could, make it so you can set the values of them each. IE, Direction of the curve and how much. Thanks!
  3. How do i get the color to change.. i got the blue one only.. Do i change the HUE after i INVERT the colors?
  4. I only get the cracks, like your 6th picture
  5. It is still not working can you please edit it in an easier way. Like more details.... a lot more
  6. it was in middle. It changes the backround to black / white Same as letters (opposite of backround. If white, black.)
  7. I when i do the cloud effect ALL IT DOES is change the backround from white to black, when i do effect again it will turn opposite color. Example: I do cloud, backround is white. I do cloud again (ctrl f) and it turns black again..
  8. Ok no, im bumping this . Some one explain more
  9. Im not getting the whispy effect. So the LAYER is DIFFERANCE and the CLOUDS are NEGAGATION or w/e. Right? :?:
  10. Edited by Rick: Removed obnoxious capitalization in thread title Some 1 please post an easier tutorial for the FIREY TEXT in tutorial sections.... He doesnt explain very well..
  11. Ok cool thanks for your help on these posts
  12. I just used that. But did you see the guy who made the PAINT.NET in flames like THAT? Im trying to get that
  13. How can you make good looking words that are like, flames.
  14. How can i make a gradient really fast :oops: Sorry kind of new.
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