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  1. oh mate you have been a hughe help thx again
  2. Thank you a lot for the quick help and now it aint spam anymore
  3. mind telling me what to set before and after the url to show the sig propper cheers lad
  4. aint that section for spam?
  5. Big THX to you BoltBait you made my work a whole lot faster with your transparency plugin plus you make an icon for every plugin within paint.net its just a small detail but that detail makes it perfect, keep up the great work lad.
  6. to the paint.net developers, stuff and community for such a great piece of software as well the great guides and plugins.
  7. 1440 x 900 Samsung 940BW on DVI Radeon X1950Pro 512MB GDDR3
  8. Hello, Im glad I found a proper Software for editing Images and it is even free. Thanks to the developers for the Good Software. Im in search for a glass plugin that gives images a look like they have been put under glass, I hope that description helps and THX for any replys.
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