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  1. The Greek Translation is almost done! Download a sample now! Unzip this file into your Paint.Net installation directory and then select Help>Language>Ελληνικά
  2. Printing Service is called winspool and not WIA. Wia is for scanners and cameras. Try printing within the explorer. Does it work?
  3. Yes this can be made with PDN too...
  4. 1. Predicted size in the resize dialog might be the size of BMP or PDN file type with the current dimensions. Saving to a JPEG file could reduce size - i think you can adjust this with a Save - config dialog 2. Any hard disk is cut into small pieces so that it can be addressed by the disk controller and the operating system. So every file saved onto the disk is cut in such pieces to fit on the disk. For example many windows systems cut the disk into pieces of 4 Kb. If you have a file of size 19Kb then you will fill 4 full pieces of the disk and a fifth which will have 1 of 4 Kb filled that makes 5 pieces filled. So real size is 19 Kb but 20 Kb size on disk.
  5. Paint.NET is free and open source. That way, international support must be included in every installation as it doesn't consum any space (less than 5 MB surely). Kepp them present.
  6. Maybe you could decrease the transparency within Paint.NET, then save your image as a PNG image, so that it keeps that transparency information. Now import the image into the PP presentation and you should be OK!
  7. I havent tried this yet with the new beta, but in beta 1 holding Shift and clicking to the decrease or the increase button doesn't decreases or increases the value by 5. This happens only with the shortcut buttons ( [ , ] )
  8. I was trying to create a language pack for the new version of the application, so I was clicking anywhere to have in mind all the strings existing. I clicked to the brush size text box, wrote an invalid number and read the error handling message. Then i pressed Esc and the program crashed. I will provide the crash log in a while. You could try it your selves and tell me.
  9. This is not a real bug. But it could be somehow annoying for some people (not me, really). Help texts for each tool show a message like "Right button bla bla bla, Left button blu blu blu. Some people have changed their mouse settings to invert their buttons, as they are left handed. They might be a bit confused with this help text. Could we display "main button' and "secondary button" instead? Or we might use some registry keys to determine if the user has inverted his/her mouse and display the appropriate message...
  10. Your words sound pretty logical, having in mind that many things in the computers' world HAVE to be different, so that one can do more things than in real life. But here we have to be something more than exact. Supposing that a layer’s pixel has to be copied with its alpha value we could say: “Every pixel is tied with its transparency value and carries it wherever it goesâ€
  11. 1. Custom Palette Colors should have a delayed tooltip, declaring the ARGB values associated with them. 2. In the Colors Window, I cannot see the Value Slider anymore, isn’t it very useful? 3. Right-clicking in the Base Colors Area should enable the secondary color; we could make it clear by flashing the respective box – just like the “Add Color to Paletteâ€