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  1. AWWWW mine did not work out. what did I do wrong http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n52/leolass/bubble.gif[/code]
  2. Hi all I am new to paint and I must say I am still getting use to all the features. I am using 2.72. Just wandering through the many forums A&Q's etc. have not found anything that would answer my q's. 1, is there a smudge tools available? or can I achive the same effect another way? 2, I am into the glitters and sparkles..yes I am a girl..LOL. I can get the glitter effect but have been using a home made sparkle and importing from layers...not working for me at all. is there any other suggestions? or will this feature be available at a later date? I refuse to get psp just for a s
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