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  1. I can't find the circle text plugin i the download pack. Please help me.
  2. Thanks a lot. Although the sine curves download link doesn't work. Where can I get it then?
  3. Thanks. :wink: And how can I make a similar waveform like on the site I linked with Pdn?
  4. Hello. Are there any tut on how to make a sound wave something like this? http://www.bluesfear.com/tutorials/soundwave.htm Or any help how to do a similar one with Pdn. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  5. Why should you use Blender? Use Paint.NET with MKT's Shape 3D plugin! Great job MKT!
  6. Some of my banner that I made for topics at a forum: moviebanner: pdn banner:) udinese banner:
  7. Good idea, thanks! fixed:http://www.zvaragabor_pdn.extra.hu/egyeb_kepek/jupiter2.jpg
  8. Of course, you can. It is free for home users, for companies, for everybody.
  9. Click on "Deselect" under the Layer menu.
  10. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell that set the transparency to 0 in the colors(more>>) window in my method.
  11. Here's a picture of mine. I don't know what is it excatly. It started as a sig. Maybe an exploding supernova with rings. (I didn't use the exploding planet tut, It's just the result of playing with filters.)
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