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  1. Hi: I want to launch an external tool (GifAnimator) from Paint.NET. I tried by writing a plug in, however the tool wasn't launched, is there any suggestion? Thanks!
  2. Yes, I have reviewed the main features of windows vista and I haven't seen nothing "revolutionary". I think most of its features already exist in XP or as freeware, or are only improving them. In addition, PC does look like as if it had vista (I downloaded vitrite and yahoo gadgets). But specifically, about imaging, does somebody know what will vista give that XP doesn't already have? (So we can suggest improvements to Paint.NET)
  3. :idea: Yes, You Can ! Open the image, edit it if you want (maybe resize to your screen resolution). Then save it. After that, File->Save As and rignt-click on the image you saved before. Then select in the menu "Set as wallpaper" (or something like that: my menu is in Spanish!) Regards!
  4. Hello, I tried FastStone Image Viewer, which is good for organizing, previewing and editing images (through an external app: Paint.net). And I now windows vista will have an image management feature. Actually paint.net allows image preview, through fileopen dialog (using thumb images). This allows me to do the same that with FastStone (previewing images). But I wonder how important or well worth is adding a more complete feature to paint.net for managing images. I mean, since it's said windows vista image manager will be very powerfull, will it be better than paint.net ? This question is only intended to make Paint.net the best imaging software...
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