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  1. I seen this link as a tutorial for creating a starburst and wanted to know the steps to do this in paint.net http://www.entheosweb.com/photoshop/shiny_starburst_effect.asp
  2. munchkinmann, can you use the image that MadJik created and explain how you select the white background and gradient this background from navy to black? MadJik, can you tell me more about codelab and how to install/use it?
  3. Here is what I want to do. I have been testing different ways to do this and none have been successful so I thought I might just come back here and ask. I have an image of a server with a white background; normally what I would do is save it as a gif and make the white background transparent. In Paint.NET, I am not sure how this is done or what would be my best option. Than I would create my banner, in this case I wanted to gradient the color from a navy blue to a black at the bottom. The white background would then become the blue to black background; the server would than reflect in the black portion of the background. Could anybody take me through the steps to accomplish this? [
  4. How do you create reflective objects and text in v 3.0?
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