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  1. yesterday they were burning Hitlers posters and nazi flags in germany. If you guys are wondering why, it was his birthday yesterday, sadly there is nazis in my family.
  2. im from germany.. was put up for adoption at birth in California.. And adopted by my mom and dad wich happen to Mexican.. :]
  3. but like, where do i upload them, on freewebs i cant find a button to upload the file..
  4. I didnt create that, I am using that as an example to learn how the basics of .txt work,
  5. lol.. no its a real url i will send to a link that has the url.. http://divmyspacelayouts.com/cutedivlayouts.php
  6. I want to make it something like http://divmyspacelayouts.com/divcodes/c ... latter.txt. and when i copy that code to the editor, it shows the final picture..
  7. I dont understand. Sorry, but anything else a little bit more specific will help. -Juan
  8. lol.. so can u help me out with the plain text thing im trying to do?
  9. i liked it.. and i put.. credit to raven.. and if you want me to, i can take it off..
  10. Does anyone knoiw how to host a plain text website??
  11. hippies from Hawaii [its ok, the same thing with "Giant Purple Hippos"]
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