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  1. Excellent! Now the only issue is of defaults, but that's relatively minor. (optimal for me would be if I could start with two garish colors and a 32z32 grid) Thank you for the tweak! Since my stab at a hacky-script in CodeLab failed for some bizarre reason, I'm going to go with this plugin. Extra Credit: Does anyone know why on earth this script would only draw columns? (DISCLAIMER: First C# code I've written, and the differences between it and C++ were learned through compiler errors :razz:) const int GRID_SIZE = 32; void Render (Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { bool r
  2. I've been itching for Paint.NET to have a grid generator, but what I need is a checkerboard of the primary and secondary colors. I suppose I could just whip that up in CodeLab... -Austin Spafford
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