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  1. Hi Bob No....This is what I did I had the logo at 150 x 150 in jpg on a white background.I used the crop and brought it down to 123 x 122 (trial and error) and saved to jpg....I opened it in Paint.Net in its own window and than I opened the Aircraft in another window of Paint.Net and used the copy in the Logo window and paste in the Aircraft window, pulled it off the white background and moved it to where I wanted it.I then flipped the Logo and did the otherside of the Aircraft. I find it much easier to make a logo and do it this way then to draw it directly on the aircraft.My reason is all the other work I have completed on the aircraft texture will not be ruined by having to redo them because i flubbed the logo trying to draw it directly...I hope this makes sense to you. Do you paint aircraft for flightsim also? cheers Thank you Trickman for the warm welcome glad to be here Cheers Roaddawg
  2. Hi I am new to this program and forum... and must say this program will do almost anything I need This was done with PaintdotNet 2.xx and DXTBMP saved as dxt1 ( for frame rate) edit = hosting problems I have now updated to Paint.Net v3.0 (Alpha1) with which I did the frame and edited this picture. Thank you for such a great program. Cheers Roaddawg
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