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  1. Great tutorial--one of the best I have seen on the subject. In my button, I added to minor tweaks to help sell the 'glass' effect: (1) I moved the white overlay down and to the left 3 pixels in each direction. That leaves a dark blue border across the top of the button to represent its top side. (2) If you look closely at the Microsoft glass buttons, you can see a white highlight running along the top of the button. To reproduce this highlight, I drew a white outline rounded rectangle, the same size as the button rectangle, on a separate layer. I cut the rectangle at its left edge, just bef
  2. A contribution-supported development tool called nDoc has died for lack of contributions. Another free tool, nUnit, has all but died. Like Paint.net, they were great tools, and I am sorry to see them die. But no, I'm not going to badger anyone for contributions--this message is really meant for the Paint.net developers. Contribution-supported software is a losing proposition. Nobody contributes, or at least that's what I see on the forums for some great projects. So projects die. After all, if you make nothing from the product, why beat your head against a wall? Put a price on the product! M
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