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  1. Sorry for the delay gents and (possibly) ladies. Working driving trains and didnt have the chance to get on here - and forgot to be honest Thanks for your much-appreciated helpful help ! :wink:
  2. On Photoshop, it's deselect. I'm sure it used to be right click on Paint.net - doesn't work - how do I move onto the next thing ? It just seems once I use Magic Wand I'm STUCK on it.
  3. Its very handy, the smudge. be nice if Paint has something similar.
  4. Have you noticed how often those who say "Do a search of forum" do so because they don't know, but want to appear knowledgeable ?
  5. I knew a knowledgeable person would put me right - cheers, mate !
  6. I closed the box containing the colours, thinking getting it back would be easy - maybe it is for you, but I cant find how ! Anyone enlighten me ? Ta. :wink:
  7. It worked OK (2.72 that is) then it began crashing as soon as I tried to use it, I tried to install 3.00, but it wouldnt uninstall, and i am stuck with a knackered 2.72 and a 3.00 that refuses to install. I tried the repair Net 2.0 (no difference) I miss using this - how can I get the installer to work ? How can I get the prog to NOT crash ? :x
  8. Ta. Thats the thing you see - on Photoshop Elements 2, I didnt need to engage the fill icon, it was on a right click. I asked just in case it was staring me in the face and I kept missing it. I thought the tin can fill too obvious and for use in a different manner ! Very impressed by this prog, though ! But it'll take someone like yours truly a good while to become aquainted with it I'm sure ! Incidentally - the transparency WAS at 255 !
  9. Couldn't be more of a new starter....at ABC level ! Grade one... Howsoever....the question I'd like to ask, having only brief experience of Photoshop Elements 2, is the magic wand - on photoshop el, I'd right click and "fill" or off the main menu. How do you fill in Paint ? I'd had to go to the tipping tin can for fill. Surely that can't be right ? Also, I found all my tedious work just disappear and dont have a clue why ! Plus, while I love the colouring as a transparent see through idea, how did that happen as default ? How can I make it solid, and howto re-select when needed ? Sorry if I've put this in the wrong place. :oops: Couldn't find a newbie section.
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