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  1. umja345


    .....wat about folowing it....except 3 and 4 somethings i notced: who are u PyroChild???? ....i signed up before u lol ....and that rule wasnt thre when i last posted .....
  2. umja345


    hey hey hey!!!! im back!!! im going to make a tennis ball tutorial when i have time lol Preview:
  3. umja345

    Curved Tiles Texture

    nice, smooth texture.
  4. umja345

    The funny pic thread!

    o.O that would make a great desktop
  5. sage david: 7.5/10. i like the animation how it moves
  6. umja345

    Simple *Round* Glass Buttons

    whre did u get the signs for the X the reload and the home?
  7. umja345

    Avatar Appreciation

    I like RainShadow's Don't poke the penguin...i thought it was a bunny...but oh well
  8. good, but the circles looks like BUBBLEs...
  9. umja345

    The Three Word Game.

    mary jane with
  10. umja345

    Please delete my account

    y do u want ur account deleted?
  11. umja345

    Let's Make a Software Box

    RuneScape? Runescape SUCKS!
  12. umja345

    Let's Make a Software Box

    I'm Only 12 too...any ways...COOL box!!! This is one of my favorite tuts.
  13. umja345

    How to start a fire with Paint.NET

    The link is broken...