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  1. I'm a spriter, that should tell you something. I also do logos and graphics for some of the stupid random IF forums I go to, and for some other things like school projects.
  2. In most programs, when you open a file, if you change the way the list is displayed (thumbnail, list, etc.), the program remembers it and displays the same way the next time you open a file. But Paint.NET always reverts to thumbnail view, so I have to change back to list view every time I open an image or else have to deal with only six items in the window at any given time, which makes it hard to find a specific image in my humongous folders. It would be conveinent for me and probably a lot of other people if Paint.NET remembered the folder view setting.
  3. But, if you think about it, that's EXACTLY what its doing. If you Gaussian blur a pixel that is sitting next to a totally transparent pixel, it becomes slightly transparent. Then, if you blur that transparent pixel, it takes on some of the color of the previous pixel and becomes slightly less transparent. Isn't that exactly what you describe? That would be what I'm describing, if the feathered object were a solid color and nothing more. I made this with the gradient tool, rect to polar, and alpha mask. This is a true feather. On the faded edges, not a single pixel has had an RGB value changed, only the alpha transparency. This is what the feather tool in Fireworks does, and I'm pretty sure that applies to other image editing programs.
  4. Mmm... this isn't exactly what I'd call a feather. Feathering isn't blurring the edges, it's fading the edges to transparent, which is actually doable with the new gradient tool, to an extent. Not saying this isn't useful, but calling it a feather isn't very accurate.
  5. I prefer Microsoft GIF Animator, but whatever.
  6. DrWatson is a program that attempts to find out why another program crashed, if I recall. I don't know what triggers it, though... it's never done anything for me. Just don't use the Picture and Fax Viewer. There are plenty of alternatives out there, like Picasa.
  7. If you want to get rid of the white, [sHIFT] + Magic Wand -> [DELETE] should do it for you. If you mean make the image itself transparent, put it on a new layer above all other layers, and turn the layer's opacity down to about 50.
  8. A little gaussian blur should do the trick (Which is what you used to get the third line, it appears).
  9. Just threw this together: Looks too out-of-focus compared to the original, but eh, I tried.
  10. Do you have a sprite comic too? No, I'm a spriter. Haven't submitted anything anywhere yet, though.
  11. Haha, awesome awesome awesome, no more opening MSPaint for spritesheeting. Marvelous.
  12. All the graphics for the logon screen are stored in C\WINDOWS\system32\logonui.exe, so you can modify it easily using ResHacker or something similar. I'm not sure if Windows would auto-default it if you tried to replace it, but I don't think it does that for anything in system32 (it didn't for uxtheme.dll, so I don't see any reason for it to do it for logonui.exe).
  13. So, I was messing around with various effects the other day, and got this... swirly something: which I immediately decided was signature-worthy. I included the history in case anyone wanted to try to recreate it (the second gradient has the colors reversed). The version in my sig is a little different, but I can't remember exactly what I did to get that. I know I used tile reflection to get the "sandpaper" effect.
  14. Ah, good. And yeah, I knew it wasn't antialiasing, but I couldn't conjure a more appropriate term from my not-extensive-in-the-least vocabulary.
  15. I think this should explain it: Rotated selections are always antialiased, even if antialiasing or alpha blending are turned off. You'd think turning those off would prevent the antialiasing from occuring, but it doesn't, and it should.
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