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  1. It's in the toolbar on any tool that also has alphablending. It's a red rectangle in front of a blue one.
  2. Yay, rounded rectangle and freeform shape are filled now. That was bugging me for some reason.
  3. Ah, never mind, fixed it. Bitmap Font Writer to the rescue!
  4. Not sure if it's what you mean, but you can use the right mouse button to rotate selections... And if you don't mind me saying, you're a posting maniac. o_0
  5. Yeah, that's what I'm trying to avoid doing. I've already spent most of my evening just getting the letters arranged, and I'd hate to have to completely redo it.
  6. So I have this image with a font in it that I copypasted from Nintendo DS system screenshots (It's the font from Pictochat). The letters are arranged in ASCII order with one pixel space between them. I'm trying to use them for something, but I need to increase the number of pixels between each letter. Is there any way other than moving every single letter individually to put an extra pixel between each letter without distorting the letters?
  7. Go nuts with the Lasso tool. I'll experiment and see if I can get something else.
  8. This should be posted in the tutorial topic itself, not GD. And go easy on the capslock.
  9. Move the mouse around until it changes into a black arrow. Then you can click and drag. It doesn't have to be inside the selection.
  10. I got this by repeating the cloud layer several times. And obviously a little hue/saturation.
  11. I don't think he made a thread. I found the link somewhere on the forums, but I can't remember where it was.
  12. You must know something I don't, because when I do that it messes the picture up.
  13. Ed Harvey made that, if I recall. He also made Effects > Distort > Dents.
  14. Some people can find bliss in in three colors and transparent. (Almost no work whatsoever FTW)
  15. I have a Casio QV-R40... and it is the piece-of-crappiest camera to ever grace my presence. The thing doesn't even turn on half of the time, and it crashes if I try to do anything other than take a picture, change the zoom settings, or connect it to the computer. To top it off, it doesn't accept SD cards bigger than 16 megs, which means I can take eight pictures tops before I have to unload it.
  16. If you really need alternate skins, patch your uxtheme.dll and download frenzy on themexp.org. If you absolutely need a Vista theme, go to lunaelement.net. I WOULD like to know if Vista's .msstyles file will work on XP, though... be freaking awesome if it did. On-topic, w00tfulicious. Can't wait to see what this new thing is (guess that goes without saying rofl).
  17. A layer blend mode that behaves like the alpha mask plugin. An image could be pasted into the layer, and act as an alpha mask for the layer below it. This could offer greater conveinence than the alpha mask plugin because the mask and the "masked" image could be edited at any time, and it wouldn't require that the mask itself be a seperate image.
  18. You mean a font? Select the text tool, find the drop-down box that says "Times New Roman", and scroll the list until you find it.
  19. Sorry, but saving as .ico REQUIRES all those features. A .ico is a lot more than an image.
  20. I think the topic title pretty much says it all. An effect to limit the image's colors to the colors in the currently loaded palette could make the palettes themselves much more useful.
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