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  1. When you use the paint bucket or the magic selection, It sets the amout of sensitivty the tool has to pixels aroud it.
  2. copy+paste to new layer then merge down Stupid me. I should of used my brain. I would have figured that out.
  3. Here is a reacreation of a flourescent light. Just an Idea I had. Wierd but it looks pretty realistic. Here is an orb reflected on water. I used the dent effect and then squashed the water and reflection horizontally to give a ripple effect. I like it
  4. This is the finished product. I took the area with the reflection that I dented and made it half vertical size. The orb was the easiest thing I could use. It looks cool too, but I should try some other things.
  5. Did anyone try creating a water reflection by using the dent on a reflect(using the codelab by BoltBait) and squeezing the selection....hmmm, I should try....
  6. I use the Gausian Blur Most of the time. It is the best way for me to get a lot of my effects.
  7. Go to properties of Layer (Layers>Layer Properties) and there is a slider for transparency of the selected layer. Drag it down to zero. You can also make the Layer semi transparent with this Slider. Check the different trancparency modes (the drop down menu that says Normal)
  8. I started using it and have found the tabs useful. The is a plugin called iespell for spell check. Thanks for the registry edit. I have been wanting that bar on top.
  9. Now were going backwards, from email to parchment!!!
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