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  1. Do you know "The Gimp"? It's a very complete image processor, editor etc etc.[/url]
  2. About sending files to the Paint.Net site I really don't know if we can send it to them.
  3. I've not finished the interface translation yet. I forgot to mention it. Some terms are a bit strange on the translation.And I've already begun the translation of the help.
  4. Tradução do Paint.Net 2.72 para Português do Brasil. (interface: menus e etc.) http://www.tenshi.somee.com/
  5. Hi! :!: I've begun to translate the Paint.NET 2.72 interface to the Brazilian Portuguese Language. I'll start to translate the Help files too. As I'm kinda lazy it would take a while. I'll keep you updated! see ya!
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