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  1. Ideas of the day: - manage/handle the selections: manual setting (position, size, shape) center (image center, horizontal/vertical center) contract/export grow transform load/save shape (yes, already asked) - create frames: simple frame slide frame 3D frame button (simple / 3D) smoothed frame 3D Nice day, Zis
  2. My small creation (some adjustments and effects): Nice day
  3. Yes! I thought that it misses this "drag and drop layers" function.
  4. It's only one example of what there exists. While remaining in the intuitive and ergonomic interfaces! :wink:
  5. Will Paint.Net manage the brushes? Like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or PhotoFiltre Studio. This last software manages simply the brushes: the width of a brushe is equal to the height of the png (all the brushes). Example: Is this possible for PdN 3?
  6. It's not a suggestion, it's right to propose another interface idea: intuitive like Paint.Net (WYSIWYG). The software is called ArtRage. The site: http://www.ambientdesign.com/artragedown.html The interface:
  7. Yes BoltBalt it's a good idea ( :oops: ). But if PdN handles it "alone" (without a layer) : it's great Rick > just a small option ? (or, for advanced users : a parameter in a .INI file, a REG key)
  8. Is a way of increasing the size of the grid boxes? (with big size images, the grid is unusable) Thanks :wink: PS: thank you very much for this formidable software!!
  9. I think that the use of the same shortcut for 2 different functions is a very bad idea! :shock: The shortcut 'M' is used with “Move selected pixelsâ€
  10. My small creation (with my father) : < after / before >
  11. I thought about the creation of .gif animation… :wink: Afflicted disturbance. :oops:
  12. GIF format is officially free of use! That since October 1. More: see here. Then, is PdN 3.0 will support this format by default?? Nice day
  13. Can I also have access to the PdN 3 beta forum ? Please I think I able to find bugs if they exist. Moreover, I love Paint.Net! Thank you Good day.
  14. No : precisely, I will wish to increase the transparency. :wink:
  15. Thanks BoltBait : Shift key is the solution that I needed! And for the windows opacity ? A suggestion/idea: as you (developers) don't want a settings window, perhaps could it be hidden: accessible using a short cut keyboard. Not? Nice day
  16. Hi all, I suggest adding the possibility of adjusting the zoom of the field “previewâ€
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