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  1. Waouuuuu Very nice pictures Ash! Thank you very much for your tutorials.
  2. Why anyone say it's like a fractal generator? Ok the form is a little different. (Perhaps another plugin option? ^^)
  3. Awesome!! It's the beginning of the masks management! Thanks a lot.
  4. LOL (MDR in french) J'adore ! I like it! ... Really useful post ? humm
  5. Picasa 2 AND paint.net, but only one vote. So I choose Picasa ( :oops: please don't beat me ! :twisted: ) Because I more often look at my photos, that I edit / manipulate them.
  6. Awesome !! Another BIG (*very good*) BoltBait's plugin ! Thanks so much.
  7. More thorough handle of the selections: manual parameter setting, change the form, center the selection, adapt the ratio/contract/dilate, transformation and most important: saving/opening. Better graphics tablets handle . That's right.
  8. Thank's so much for this plugin dake ! I'm lovin it !
  9. Yes, why not ? :wink: But, yet no answer
  10. I used PhotoFiltre Studio (not bad), but it was not powerful enough. However it offers for the moment more functions than PdN. But not for a long time! 8) I had tested Photoshop without being convinced: very powerful, too for my use. Then on an IT monthly magazine, I discovered Paint.Net!
  11. Then won't PdN 3.0 have new features? Selection management for example or history saving/loading (macros)? But thank you for all that is already made!! It is enormous! Thanks so much.
  12. Does PdN uses double buffering? I saw yesterday another graphic software using this technique (used to reduce visible artifacts and improvement of the display speed).
  13. It is an excellent idea! This possible in PdN is?
  14. Merci les gars ! (ça fait plaisir de pouvoir parler en français sur un forum exclusivement anglais !) Nice day Thanks guys !
  15. Without image manager features could one have “Set wallpaperâ€
  16. Paint.Net doesn't have the same interface, but it's also simple and pleasant.
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