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  1. Ok, so the next update should include:

    Move to "effects" menu (no submenu).

    Change name to "color replace".

    Create a post called "jchunn plugin pack" (suggested in a PM from Ash) since all of the plugins are in one dll.

    If nobody disagrees or wants to debate further, that will be in the next round, along with another new plugin called "Stencil" (who can guess what that does?)

    I prefer Color Filter: there is no replacement here, just a filtrering, a level adjustment. :?

  2. I actually gave them permission to do this about 2 years ago -- it was completely within the license rights. However, they are still distributing version 2.72 and I recently asked them to cease doing this. I still get crash logs for "OFFICE One v7 - Paint.NET v2.72". It's rather obnoxious.

    Ok, I recognize that it is rather deplorable.

    The MIT license is also open source. (In fact, it's even more permissive than the GPL.)

    Nothing is more permissive than GPL.

    Wrong: the LGPL is :wink:

    independently of their infringement, it's a sure sign of the PdN notoriety! :)

  3. No it won't be. HD Photo is an MS format. JPEG XR will be open format same as JPG is and free to use.

    A) It's under consideration as a JPEG format. Not quite there yet...

    B) Though Microsoft has stated that it will be licensed under their Open Specification Promise, that has also not yet happened.

    I recently read an article that stated it was free to use in PS CS2 and CS3 (JXR) and microsoft offers it as a download. Someone gave me the link : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta%20...%20layLang=en.

    huuu :? It is official: JPEG consortium approves the Microsoft photo format. Moreover, the “HD Photo” doesn't exist any more: JPEG XR is the new one and only true name for this format.

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