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  1. I think I have just fallen in love with you! :oops: I have been trying to recolor some items that I needed to be a certain color and was not able to do it properly. Thank you so much for these plug-ins! You might want to look into adding a value to the color fill and color tint plug-ins though.... I try to make it darker but it only goes lighter. P.S. Don't worry I am female... or well last I checked anyways!
  2. ok, Yes I know that you can not open brushes with PDN but I was wondering if any of the fine people that program would mind comming up with a plug-in that would allow me to open .abr files then save to a pdn or png? I would really appreciate it because I like this program and really don't want to load another program onto my computer. I have already tried GIMP but didn't like the interface of it. TIA animal181980
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