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  1. Maybe I should just let the banner be bigger. If I can get the circles to fit nicely with the text with a reasonable size, I'll do it. EDIT: So my new size is 1000x200. It seems reasonably well spaced, all I need is the text and the other pics.
  2. Thanks for the help, I'm gonna try it later. As for text, I wanna write something in an undecided font that changes color along the letters. Ex: "HELLO" Top would be red, then blends to yellow in middle, thne back to red at bottom. Something like that, but I'm using blue and lighter blue, maybe green instead of red and yellow. Would making a gradiant in the shape of the letters be effective, tough as it is? EDIT: So I ended up resizing the BG about ten minutes after posting the first question, Now the circles are too big for it. I'm using standard banner size (apparently, 728x90) although I'm thinking of making it slightly bigger so that i don't have to resize the circles. Any Ideas?
  3. I need some help with creating a banner for a site. I need to put each of the four circles in this pic onto a BG pic I made. I also need to make the BG I made smaller so that it's a banner, and then I want to add text to the entire thing. I would upload the pic, but it can't be uploaded for some reason Something like this: ____________________________ |_0_0______~~~~~_____0_0__| Excuse my bad ASCII drawing skills. Thanks in advance
  4. Ok so that did help, but i'm still unclear on how to change the hue. I understand that the range on the color wheel changes what colors are affected, but how do you change what the secondary color is? The color that all the ones affected by the range change to. sorry if my question is a bit unclear
  5. How exactly does this work? I've added it to my effects section, but I'm still a total beginner and don't really understand this... any help? Please?
  6. sparked by my usage of the word newbie. Well I'm sorry if it upsets you, it was the easiest thing I could think of at midnight...
  7. thanks for the help, but the magic wand doesn't select just the wings...it's a little weird what the wand selects on that pic. The leg skirt thingy, it takes the main part and half of on side, leaving the rest unselected. On the colors note: yes i want to change colors. on the picture note: Very good, but not quite there yet. Some things that are missing: the guns on the hips of the second robot (makes the left wing look a little better because u see the edge of the gun as white space on the wing) Tutorials for this kind of thing would be greatly apperciated (this is the stuff i'll be working on most of the time...combining parts of robots to make new ones, or changing the colors of said robots) For those who are curious: The robots are called Mobile Suits in the show they originate from. These particular ones are both Gundams. The red one is from New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, and the blue and white one (which is newer) is from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Long titles I know
  8. I kinda figured... on an unrelated (to that picture) note: Is there an easier way to change colors than to have to change each tile separately? can I include shading? (kinda like the effects on the second robot. How there are shadows) Cause if so, I have another robot pic i'd like to change, though this one only needs a color job. as you can see, the color job has been half done, but it's incomplete. (the legs and inner arms are the completed parts, the upper body needs work) I have a feeling the picture and coloring were done by photoshop...might make it harder here...
  9. Ok so this may seem like an odd request, but to each his own. I want to replace the wings of this robot: with the wings of this one: I'd also like to add the guns on the hips of the second robot to the hips of the first one. Then, after that, I'd like to change the color scheme, but if it's not possible...oh well. (yes the two robots were draw at different times, hence the difference in effects)
  10. I read some but most weren't very helpful because the authors took for granted skills at using Paint.NET which I don't have. Even the most basic of things to do i'm still confused at how to do them...
  11. I'm a new user of Paint.NET and I was wondering about how exactly do you do all those things with images? I understand having to make layers...but how do you change the layers? See what I want to do is to take part of one pic, and replace part of another with the first part, then change the color scheme. I know that Photoshop would probably be the easiest to do this with (I say this at the risk of getting stoned by the members :wink: ) but I really don't feel like spending that much money... If you need the specific pictures to help answer my request, please say so Thanks in advance
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