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  1. Oops, sorry 'bout that. :oops: I honestly didn't think anything of it. (though maybe I should have pulled up some red flags when the word hilton was involved...) I'll find something a little less risque and post that here instead... :oops:
  2. Edited by Rick to remove direct picture embedding, http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/7133 ... niayw2.jpg Here Raven, try this. I thought it'd be hard because not only do you have two girls to colourize, you also have an entire background.
  3. I do indeed, but now I must run [Mi Madre is attacking] I will pm you with my msn, ok?
  4. Thats better then I could have done.. don't worry, we can jsut say she got a bad tan
  5. Yea lol, that would be killer. We make a good team, you and I 8)
  6. :shock: Cheater.. is there any way I can leave the skin out?
  7. Ha aww, its ok..youre going to obliterate me when I attempt skin tones.
  8. Erm..either way, whatever you want. Heres what I have so farr I'll probably end up recoloring the lips later
  9. Ok heres an image..I've tried her a lot and seem to be having issues, but maybe I'll get it and put you to shame o.o
  10. Wow, it took only an hour for someone to show me up at colourizing..but thats ok... Good job picc Hmm...I must think of something else to do...
  11. Haha shes got clown lips . Hmm, I have a small confession. I've never acutally gone out of my way to do eyebrows. Usually when I do skin I color over them and they appear out fine. Ahh, I feel so much better. Now if I could only tell people what happened to that body in the sewer...
  12. I had lip trouble for everr too, they'd always look mishapen. Pick a nice color, and zoom in to about 200. Once you get the lips shaped out use guassen blur at about 4 pixels and see what it does.
  13. :o Thats awesome! Now all oyu have left is the hard part...the skin -scary music plays in background- heres a color pallete if you want help on skin tone...
  14. Nope. I was overlapped it a bit on the hair and guassen blurred it once I finished. It worked out suprisingly well...
  15. good luck with that! The skin and hair seem to always be the problem when I try to colorize, it takes a lot of effort not to get this line where the hair and skin overlap.. try using color burn on the hair, it helps get all the little strays without you having to go in pixel by pixel
  16. Well, theres a long version and a short version. The short version is something like this... If I wanted eyes colourized: I would create a new layer for the eyes Pick a color, zoom in and color the eyes that color. Set the layer to colour burn, multiply, or whatever made the eys look good (i reccomend zooming back before this) Sharpen, ajust hue/saturation, or guassin blur it a little to make it look normal. I used 10 layers in this pic (3 for skin and one for each eye), and the flowers just looked like that after I set the layer to color burn.
  17. Mm... so I've been trying to colourize image for ages, and this is my first half decent one. Most of the time I screw up on skin.. Anywho... original: colourized:
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