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  1. still a bit confused. i figured out how to move it but the background is not going black even though i did a second layer of black
  2. i just took the picture crooked so when i go to crop it, i am loosing some of the painting. is there a feature to straighten it out?
  3. i added a layer underneath, am using the ctrl and figured out how to delete the surrounding area but the wand is eating into tiny pieces of the painting at the edges- minor but noticeable because its a painting. also, how do i get the background to be black, with the paintbucket? should i get the 2nd layer black before or after?
  4. i want to use the same watermark on several paintings. do i have to create the copyright and text each time i open up paint or is there a way to reuse the watermark somehow?
  5. is there a tool to straighten out a shot of a painting that was taken crooked?
  6. how do you black out the background? any help would be appreciated! i am trying to back out around a photo of a painting.
  7. cool, i got it. thanks- now what about the modes? i am testing them but in a lot of them what i did just disappears entirely.
  8. sorry, not another layer, i actually know how to add a layer i think. you have to flatten them when you are finished with the layers correct? but the layer's opacity? how do you adjust that?
  9. thank you. ok. now i know this will get a but how do i create another layer?
  10. awesome dude. that was so easy! thank you! does paint have any other functions that help with watermarking?
  11. can someone please help me with doing this? i am trying to make a watermark on a painting with a copyright. i need assistance!
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