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  1. I am truly sorry. I have corrected the errors. I hope, that this is OK. LINK is the same. regards
  2. Here are the menus , Buttons , Credit.RTF and Helpfiles for version 2.72 http://jhave.dk/Paintdotnet/da/272_All.zip
  3. Hello I have now completed Menus , Buttons , Credit.rtf , Help files : IN DANISH download link : http://jhave.dk/Paintdotnet/da/272_All.zip files contains : strings-file , Help-folder , Resource-folder size app 1.9 MB Best regards
  4. Here are my danish menus for v. 2.72 http://jhave.dk/paintdotnet/da/2_72_Strings.zip I am still working on the Help-files... ( I hope with better luck )
  5. Hello Thanks for all responses. I have dnloaded v. 2.7 again .. and Lo and Behold the helpfiles were different. I do not know what happend the first time. Anyways : I'll roll up the seeves and try again.
  6. Hello OK .. The Danish remarks in the License page are a brief summary. The Help files are those, that came with the download of v. 2.7 The packaging was the best I could do ( probs w the Image Folder ) I will go over it again Sorry regards
  7. Hello I have a Danish translation of the Help-files ready... Included is an updated version of the menu translation .. there was a minor Bug. LINK : http://jhave.dk/paintdotnet/da/danishboth.zip ( this is the full package ) .. extract to C:\ and the files will go to C:\Programmer\Paint.NET\ .. For the Danes : http://jhave.dk/paintdotnet/danish.aspx will give a brief description[/url] kind regards
  8. Hello I have made a translation into Danish. GUI only .... You can dnload here : http://jhave.dk/Paintdotnet/da/danish.zip Help files coming soon ( Half way there ... )