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  1. Not to be too picky about actual implementation details, but I would suggest the "tool selected but not clicked ON yet" be the circle with cross/+ in the middle...and when left clicked ON (put in erasing mode), the cross disappears (to give some feedback) and the circle remains to show the area being erased.
  2. I looked in the feature requests and did not see this; also, don't see a "section" for suggested enhancements, so posting here... The eraser tool circle disappears when you left click to use it. Then, if you are dragging it around to erase up close to an object, it is very hard not to "hit" the object because you can no longer see the area of effectiveness. You can click, move, click, move, etc, but it is easier if there is a lot to erase just to drag it around. Recommend the eraser circle remain showing when click depressed.
  3. I don't know what was going on before...I just did it again, and the effect remained on the image when I clicked away from it. Before, no matter how I "turned off" the selection circle around the eye after doing the effect, the red would return as if no correction was done. It was as if I had clicked backward in the history. Today, it is working just as would be expected...select, do correction effect, click away from it, and the corrected image remains. I don't know what was going on before, but I wasn't dreaming! I swear!
  4. I am just getting started with this great tool. 1st problem encountered is: I can select the red eyes in an image and run Effects | Redeye Removal | OK ...the red reduction works, but as soon as I click anywhere else or otherwise turn off the selection, the redeye is restored to the image (the effect is removed). How do I get the tool effect to "be applied" to the image or to "take?" Thanks.
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