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  1. How about enabling resizing only single layers instead of the entire image? That would make proportional reseizures possible instead of riuning an entire picture by resizing it manually.
  2. Well, the problem is, when I zoom in closely at a picture and I want to select something with the lasso tool, I'll have to zoom out again, otherwise there will be complications like the lasso moving to fast and stuff like that But we'll see what the 3rd version will bring
  3. I want to not have all the windows like tools or colors on top of the actual picture, but I want the picture to be somewhat free. Something like being inside a tab, hard to describe..
  4. Ah, That's Nice. But PDN will continue running on Xp, won't it? :o Can't wait for the new beta
  5. Hello everybody, First of all: Would it be possible to run PDN in only one instance, but have several tabs open, as you do in Photoshop oder Gimp? That would save a lot of work. Secondly: Maybe someone would fix the Lasso Select Tool. Once I am zooming in closer to an image, my computer starts lagging, and everything is going a lot slower. Also, the color of the selection shape isn't really visible on dark images, how about changing it to some bright like silver/white (photoshop) ? And last but not least: Why not always keep some space between the image and the border to the buttons and
  6. Is there any way to actually adjust anything in this plugin? All i can do is "Tool", and then my img gets changed, but after two times "Tool" there is nothing new anymore...
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