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  1. Sorry if this was already postet, but I have no time to check it right now. Did anyone else notice problems with the PNG export with 8 and 32 bit colors? Both don't work for me, if the image is too big. I got the problem with Beta2 too. I just tried to save an image of 3224x4436 pixels and it didn't work. I tried to reproduce the effect by creating an empty screen and filling it with stuff, but it didn't produce the error. I will send you a PN with a sample image.
  2. @LadyTigress You don't have to open it with paint.net, you have to copy the file into the Effects directory of Paint.net, for example "c:\program files\Paint.NET\Effects"
  3. What do you want to change the black to? You can use the curves (Layers-> Adjustments -> Curves or Ctrl + Shift + M) and change the Transfer Map to RGB. There you can adjust a "global color correction", also affecting your greytones... You can't select black from its "color" as Black is the color 0/0/0 - no color at all.
  4. Great Patch! How is the chance seeing this in the official build in the next weeks? I would like to stay official, but if it takes some time, I would install this build... Thanks for your effort!
  5. Wow, great tutorial, thanks for sharing. And I understood it, here you go: Just a small test scenario: 1) Select what you want the boarder from 2) Create a new layer, switch to it and fill the mask with black. 3) Deselect the mask and apply a blur on the newly created layer. 4) Now choose the magic wand with 0% tolerance. Select the (transparent) background and the black interiour (holding CTRL on the second click). 5) Now invert the selection. Here you go and just have the boarder selected. 6) Delete the created temp layer. You can now apply your blur (or whatever you want) ju
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