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  1. Yes that's correct. I just followed the format for the version.txt file and pointed the updater to the new URL. I'm not sure if more has to be done - I basically read through the comments and source for the updater and followed along. Just seemed like it would be nice for users to get future updates automatically. Though it's no secret that I would much prefer to see this patch make it into the mainline code - there's really no use maintaining two different distributions and it's a planned feature anyhow. --Brandon
  2. A new version has been released based on the Paint.NET v2.70 source. Additionally, the auto-update feature will now check for new versions of PDN with Merge Layer Down instead of the official PDN. --Brandon
  3. This is true, but at minimum it means waiting for .Net 3.0 - and most likely it means waiting for Vista as well. There is an SDK provided for the DNG format (written in C++). Documentation isn't super, but it looks like it might not be too hard to write such a plugin for PDN. As far as I know, there is no plan to support DNG files out of the box in .NET 3.0 - anyone with some of these files would still need to use a plugin until someone came out with an imaging codec for it. --Brandon
  4. I'm just curious, what if instead of trying to support every RAW out there, support was added for DNG (Adobe's Digital Negative). This seems like it would be of value to many digital photographers. Info about DNG is here: http://www.adobe.com/products/dng On that site you can also download Adobe's DNG converter which converts most RAW file formats into DNG. If it's not too crazy I will look into writing such a plugin. --Brandon
  5. Is there any ability (current or planned) to allow read-only access to whatever source control system is being used for PDN? It would be nice to be able to work off of the latest source, as well as to be able to provide feedback, bug reports/fixes, etc to the team. I can only see everyone benefiting from this. --Brandon
  6. I think the conditional hue/saturation filter would work if the notebook lines are in a color that is different than the ink you wrote with. Just set the target color range to cover the color of your notebook lines, and set the result saturation to zero. Hopefully that will work. --Brandon
  7. The easiest way to clear out the entire background is this: * Create a new document or open an existing one. * Make sure the "Background" layer is selected. * Press Ctrl + A to select the entire background region. * Press Delete to remove the background. --Brandon
  8. I would appreciate it if a few folks could test out my build of Paint.NET. I have added the ability to merge layers down. I haven't been able to find any bugs yet, but I would like to make sure that it is as bug-free as possible. Also I know merging layers was a highly requested suggestion, so hopefully this will be useful to some of you. Thanks! Please note: This is an unofficial build of Paint.NET and as such is not supported by the Paint.NET team. If you experience a problem, please do NOT report it to them, but rather please reply to this thread and let me know what the problem is. http://home.case.edu/bes7/PaintDotNet_2 ... geDown.zip --Brandon
  9. That's odd - I didn't go anywhere near that code. Furthermore, I just checked by opening first the official build and then my build, and the Open Recent... menu looks the same in both - items are numbered properly, and sized to their thumbnails. I'll look into the code and see if I can find something. Thanks --Brandon
  10. I posted an installer - check the first message in this thread --Brandon
  11. Good to hear I was using PDN for a somewhat large project, and got frustrated by the lack of ability to merge layers, so I just went off and wrote it. If you want to use it in some way in a future version, feel free. --Brandon
  12. Just posting to say that I've downloaded the latest source and added the ability to merge two layers into one (implemented the same way as Merge Down, for you Photoshop people). Once I clean everything up, I will provide a diff to the current source package. I hope that you like it and perhaps even want to include it in a future version of PDN. Here is the diff. Make sure to add the two new files MergeLayerHistoryAction.cs and SplitLayerHistoryAction.cs to your paintdotnet project. http://home.case.edu/bes7/MergeDown.patch.gz Here's an installer in case anyone wants to use this feature without compiling their own. Please download it if you get a chance and try to break the Merge Layer feature, thanks! http://home.case.edu/bes7/PaintDotNet_2 ... geDown.zip EDIT: Paint.NET v2.70 with Merge Layer Down is now available! Additionally, the auto-update feature will now check for new versions of PDN with Merge Layer Down instead of the official PDN. --Brandon
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