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  1. does not work at all. I wonder how come that i did do it in some clicks, however hot knowing what i was doing but i got the subject out completely sharp. How can you select juslt alone the subject????
  2. I know that but the question is how to get the checkerbackground How to get there!!
  3. I am sure i never shall learn this prog. But tell me how do i get the checker background then it is enough for me to work with my photos thnx eline
  4. okay and some things more. The hekpfunction is not so accurate to me. Look at this: To cutout everything except the subject, you can work your way around the subject with the Eraser tool, or try this method: Make a new blank layer and place it on top of the image you are editing. Make sure you have this new layer selected. Turn off antialiasing and adjust the brush size to 4 or 5 pixels. Get out the Brush tool if you are editing a shape with rough outlines, or the Line/Spline tool. Now, pick a color in the color selector that is very different from the colors in the rest of the picture (usually bright green works). where can i find Line/spline tool and where the color selector?? It is maybe my english that i do not understand the hints. How do i isolate a subject..... omggggg
  5. Almost.... the first stap>> erasing the background and getting the checkerboard... how??? see that newbie i am. It is the only thing i should like to know, maybe later i am getting the expert thnx Eline (the nethelrands)
  6. hallo illnab that is not what i mean. I mean disapearing the total background in one click after you get the checkerboard pattern and after you can use a new layer like in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Help\en\EraserTool.html
  7. Hallo, i am new here. What i need to know is how can i erse a whole background. In the tutorial i can read that i need the eraser tool but not told how to use that. Can somebody help me?? C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Help\en\EraserTool.html Eline Kok (holland)
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