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  1. Maia Knuckles

    Paint.NET v3.0 is now available!

    Thanks Rick!
  2. Hehe... Here my logo: See ya, guys!
  3. Maia Knuckles

    How to start a fire with Paint.NET

    Really fire... Good Job!
  4. Maia Knuckles

    Paint.NET v3.0 Beta 1 is now available

    Hey Rick! Have you translated it?
  5. My new works: Msn background ------------------- ...
  6. Maia Knuckles

    Burnt Edge Effect

    Cool paper, barkbark00!
  7. Maia Knuckles

    LiteBrite(TM) Effect

    Wow! Cool effect, barkbark00!
  8. Maia Knuckles

    A way to create bubbles...

    Cool! Very Nice!
  9. Maia Knuckles

    Make an Animated .GIF with Paint.NET

    Wow! Good job!!!!!! My work:
  10. Maia Knuckles

    Gradient Tool preview

    Wow! Its nice effect!
  11. Maia Knuckles

    Paint.NET v3.0 Alpha 1 is now available

    Very Nice! Thanks Rick!
  12. Maia Knuckles

    Alpha Mask Import Plugin (2.0)

    Err... Link cracked...
  13. Good job! This plugins is very cool!
  14. hey, I did this when I was bored!
  15. Maia Knuckles

    Paint.NET v2.72 is now available

    !!!!!!!! O.O!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Rick!
  16. Maia Knuckles

    Conditional Hue/Saturation Effect Available

    Errrrmmmm, very good! Taste not to select part on the part.
  17. Maia Knuckles

    Making glass buttons

    Very good!