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  1. I guess what i assumed was that the data/attributes for any object you placed on a layer would be retained and therefore i would be able to go back to a layer, reselect an image (or text, or whatever on that layer) and make changes to each objects properties and attributes. Alan
  2. I apologize for my apparent inability to describe what i want to do. Let me try again. I create a new canvas in Paint.NET. I go to the layer menu and choose 'Import from file...' and import a JPG image. At this point - only the image itself has a selection rectangle and i can resize the image, move the image around, apply effects, whatever. Once I feel i'm happy with the resizing, the positioning etc - I go and create a 2nd layer and bring in another image and do the same. But, what if i want to go back to teh first image i loaded from a file and adjust the image size or move it around?
  3. I thikn i see the problem i'm encountering. Each "layer" is the same size as the entire canvas. When i go and import an image, only teh image itself is selected, so i can resize that image, move it, etc. It seems as though when i go and import another image, the previous image/layer is fit to the canvas so i no longer am able to just select the image i resized and moved around. Perhpas i cannot do what i need to do with Paint.NET. alan
  4. That doesn't auto-select that layer/image. I have no selection rectangle around my image.
  5. No, i guess i'm not explaining myself well. Apologies for that. I go and import 10 files to have 10 layers. I want to have the program select layer #5, with the selection retaingle around the entire image. I then go and resize/move that layer/image. OK, then i want to work on layer #2. I want teh system to select that layer/image so i can move it around. Then i want to work on layer #8. etc. etc. Alan
  6. Hi trickman - Thanks for the reply, but i think you misunderstood my question. I am using the Layers-Import from file... menu option to do just that - to import my image files. My quesiton is, once i have my 2nd layer/image imported and i work on it, and then import a 3rd image/layer...how do I go back and select either the 1st or 2nd layer to do more work on those layers. Ultimately, lets say i've imported and edited 10 layers. Before i go and save my final image to a separate file...how do I go back and select the 4th layer to move it around just a bit? Thanks, Alan
  7. Hello - I'm new to Paint.NET but i like what i see. I'm trying to do what I think is a simple task with the program. I'm importing a set of pictures onto a new Paint.NET canvas, and each image is a separate layer. I'm resizing, adjusting and positioning each layer (image) where i want it on the canvas. My final goal is to set the opacity for each so that all the images blend together into a collage, and then ultimately save the final combined image as a separate file to use as a background in a document. The problem that I am facing is that i don't see how to easily select any layer o
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