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  1. some simple things 4 start: use the glow, and the gauss blur effect (as a really smart start from 0 knowledge - do all the tutorials, download the scripts-plugins, and use the layers). i tried to do a deeper shadow, just do a nu layer, and write the same text with the text tool, darken it with anything, and place it diagonal right-down (45°), on any distance. then swap the white layer with the dark one, take the white to the top. Doing text-outlines is simple too, just write the text again (on a nu layer, transparent...), and resize it (select it with the select tool, click on move selected pixel, hold shift, and grab a corner, resize it to a little bigger, and place it under the white, first text. As a shadow. If you want, merge the 2 layer, and blur em.
  2. theres a big difference between the built in roll, and the codelab script. much more feel-of-depth, much more 3d look. and i think its easier to mod the numbers, instead of moving the mouse, searching for the right angle...try it.
  3. there is a code, i think its the RotoZoom 3D prototype.cs, just edit the first lines numbers to achive effect like in gimp... u can download codelab plugin, and load the script into it...just like opening an image. Its quite easy to use...
  4. I could use a "flatten selected layers". And I cant wait to see the nu UI in paint.net3 ... Custom keyboard - mouse buttons? Custom toolbars? Ohh, and a Portable, .net frame independent version:D. I know, its not means to become, but In some of my works i have to use just my SD, and It could be handy to have a portablePAINT.NET. Or a PPC version? update: ment to write, but forgotten...Ruler Guidelines. I could use it, when doing a bit complex webdesign...
  5. Magyarul írok, neked asszem szabad. hibalista: (kb 1 óra használat után) a visszavonás a menüben layereknek nevezi az uj rétegeket, és sorszámozza curves lefordítva görbék relief-nek én se tudok szép nevet...szótár nem írt semmit? donate magyarul támogatás, adomány...bár magyarok ugyse fognak. crop to selection az iconbar-on, a menüben jó a neve, de a tooltip az iconbaron tartva maradt angol asszem ennyi, meg persze majd a help. ha valami nem megy, szólhatsz: cherockee@gmail.com
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