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  1. Hope this is an ok post for service. Any of you graphic savy people able to help, that would be awesome. I don't have paypal but if you email me your address, I can afford $20 (US Postal of course) to the person whose I like best. I know its not much but I don't have more to send right now. I'm of good moral charactor, so don't worry about "not" getting the $. Besides, the admins are computer savey and can come hunt me down . Here is a pic I have right now. But I would like to have the lawnmowing guy more animated and lively (cartoonish, strong, big head, hat, friendly (just suggestions) ). Basically nothing like the below picture lol. I'd like to stick with most of the same colors That I have in the banner below(the yellow and green and contrast colors as needed). Maybe leave the lawnmower red so it "sticks out". The charactor I'm looking for needs to be friendly looking, (wearing possibly a hat (red maybe)?). Something you would remember if you saw on the side of a Truck or Trailer. Thanks guys! Let me know! I"ll keep checking back. P.S. It's a lawnmowing service if you couldn't tell .
  2. Could someone help me smooth the outline of this image and explain how if its easy? Thanks.
  3. But how do you use the alpha blending to fade one image into another? Say I have upload a new image and then I put a white rectangle along the border so that it blends. Isn't this what I would use alpha blending for? I guess I don't know how to do it. Does each of the images have to be on a seperate layer to work? Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Would anyone be so kind as to tell me HOW to optimize/compress GIF's with this program? I'm trying to make my images into smaller files on my website. A "flow" of how to do it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for my "newbyness". :? I have seen programs such as GIFcruncher and such for sale, but if theres a way to do it with paint.net, I'd like to. crlawnguy
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