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  1. All good points, including my confliction of the terms good and criticism! I left out the yellow because computers use Red, Green and Blue not the standard set of primary colours. I'll make it a transparent PNG tomorrow as right now I'm knackered. Thanks!
  2. Here is my attempt! Hope you guys like it, or at least throw some good criticism back. Regards, Jack
  3. I agree with the comments above, the text when it gets to the car is a little difficult to read. I must admit I find it difficult to believe that somebody would pay $1500 for that.
  4. Just had a little play with the effect, you can create some awesome effects using multiple cloud layers! Thanks!
  5. Just finished my implementation of a Cloud Effect: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2105 Thank you very much my friend!!!
  6. Imageshack has an option to resize, you must have checked the box.
  7. I have one of these and it works great and fast! http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews87360.html
  8. I think they are, it'll be called "paint.netshop pro", priced at only $600!!!
  9. I assume the location of his sig (http://www.lithiumstudios.org) has javascript that changes the image displayed.
  10. I seem to get a different effect when I apply the filter to the picture at the top, are you going to add a way to adjust the level of the filter? You can get a good effect if you take a picture, duplicate the layer, apply the filter to the top level and play with the opacity.
  11. Interesting filter, I'll have to have a play with this one! Thanks!
  12. I repainted several aircraft, I also made a couple of aircraft models which I never quite finished.
  13. Thanks. Yes the tut was a quicky, there's lots of playing around you can do with that type background. You can play with the colors and also add some more effects. My sig is just part of a picture I had on the intro page of my old site.
  14. Draw some lines using the brush width of 15. Make the lines random shades of grey/black/white. Then add a Gaussian blur of ten or so. Then do a motion blur at the same angle as the lines, about 150 pixels should do. Now make a new layer. Add a semi-circle towards the bottom right, and do a Gaussian blur about 62 pixels or so. Then on a new layer set the brush type to "forward diagonal" or something similar. Then change the main color to black and the second color to see through and fill the page. Now change the layer opacicity to whatever seems right.
  15. Good points, though I'd disagree with 4. I think that JPEG is ok as long as you save it as a high quality JPEG. My sig and avatar are saved as JPEGs, and they look ok I think.
  16. Lol. ? Read the text on the pic: "Thread Hijack In Progress" Looks more like the thread is being kidnapped!
  17. I did a little(big) edit, hope you don't mind. When I make sigs I like to keep a colour scheme going. In this case it was a sort of gold/brown. I made the text bigger so it would fill more of the left. I also duplicated the layer with the bloke on it and gaussian blured, I then played with the opacicity. For the background I just made a pure brown background, added dense noise with 0 color, then added a gaussian blur. I find backgrounds with one colour a bit plain so this helps give it some variation.
  18. Not sure why you would need to make it harder to select 0 or 100, I have not had any problems with the slider in its current form.
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