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  1. Easy gift animator pwnz imo it's so much.. easier and simple. x) but oh well, i guess that all of them are a good way to get started
  2. that's probably the best way to do it.. by motion blurs and zoom blurs.. also try diffrent blending modes to create the shadows and highlights.. i'll give it a try in a bit.. right now i can't :S
  3. cmo'n lets play it cool here.. i think he got it anyway yeah.. you could post that on the pictorium.. and maybe some more creations of yours..
  4. yup i like it.. still, looks pretty much like MS Paint.. any1 has a more realistic technic? x)
  5. erm.. what exactly version of PdN are you using? 6.0? O.o Paint dot Net has the Lasso tool, not the magic 1 anyway, yeah i think it could be usefull, but you can combine the magic wand and the lasso tool wich imo does the job well done
  6. erm... i think the image is just a bit 2 big :? resize
  7. and.. what exactly is that? 0o P.S - so tens mais posts pk es 1 spammer
  8. yo 1millionlayersman don't say things like that :S rubbery has done almost the same as u using less layers, that means his job is more efficient that yours right? cuz he did almost the same with much less work.. and don't talk about your picture as a masterpiece.. it's not that good.. it's ok to feel proud about something you did, just don't get too cocky k? sry if i offend you, that's not my purpose.
  9. lol trickman practice makes perfect i guess.. i'm just used to draw w the mouse sou do seixal, fica ao pe de lisboa ( caso n soubesses ^^) nice pics every1 Illnab1024 how do u do the planets?
  10. entaoooooo noticias sobre a tal traduçao? toda a gente se eskeceu disto ? o0" ai ai ai... se têm o file metam no megaupload.com.. n costuma dar problemas
  11. yeah i do that 2.. i rotate each letter.. but it's soooo time consuming.. and if the text is big.. than could be stressing 2.. as for any other program to do that.. well i mainly use Paint ( MS and .Net ) so i'm sorry i can't help u with that..
  12. hM a tutorial on making those planets would be interesting... i mean the A_Pickle's 1
  13. nope i wish i had 1... it would hav been a lot easier.. haha i just like to draw a lot.. 13_15_4_14_1_18 tks x) oh and sry if my english is not 100% correct.. as you may know i'm portuguese oh and btw.. here's somethin i did a couple of weeks ago.. this time featuring 100% MSPaint im REALY sorry by the size of the images... i just don't know how to make them smaller x\ Edited by Rick to remove 1.4 MB image -- way too big! EDIT: ok done.. here it is.. i think it's ok now P.S - Trickman es de onde? ja agora xD
  14. somethin i did right now.. in about 15 min.. i used 100% PdN and 100% the brush tool xD i was bored so.. it's not as good as usual.. xD but i like it since it was the first time that i actualy drew on PdN.. here it is and this is the coloured version... also 100% brush =P added some layers and colored them using the "multiply" blend mode.. still i think the black'n white is better.. i'm not good at colouring... anyway here it is hope u like it =)
  15. amagad i don't belive that some1 could be interested in that O.o makes my head hurt... nerd
  16. hm yeah.. and its kinda the same that the sig you'r using... try difrent things =) use difrent methods.. use difrent efects.. try another images.. be creative
  17. if u press F1 the help window comes up.. you have the discription of most the tools and efects.. pretty much the basics of Paint.Net, if you really need help with everything.. read that carefully and then maybe you could specify what are you looking for
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