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  1. Hi Madjik & All, The upper half of "P, C & R " in "Piece Selector (Modulo), "Color Adjustment', and "Radius % amount" are missing on my screen. Wonder if it's only my notebook that has this problem?
  2. Hi Madjik, Slight adjustments needed to the UI as the upper half of text above the lower 3 sliders are invisible. Wonder if the revised dll isn't properly posted yet because it's no different from the previous except for the missing upper half of text.
  3. Amazing plug-in! I typed in my identity card number and it created a perfect match with the barcode found on my identity card! Well done, Sepcot! This might be useful one day other than for "Nine Inch Nails"!!!
  4. "Isn't short" is correct! But the effect works beautifully. Will have to try your steps and the alpha mask effect out to discover more. Thanks for the response.
  5. After reading all the comments, I feel like I'm missing something good here; also feel rather sheepish in not knowing what I'm missing! Could someone kindly do a simple short tutorial? Thanks!
  6. Could someone confirm if this plugin affects the 'Text' tool? After installing it, I couldn't insert any text onto a new layer. Succeeded after removing the new plugin. Wonder if this problem is peculiar to my notebook or whether it is a more widespread problem.
  7. Thank, Madjik for sharing such a beautifully simple technique! Exquisitely simple and beautiful.
  8. Hi Madjik, A closer look at your picture told me that you probably had two layers and moved the second layer to create the 3-dimensional effect! Thanks for another good plug-in as well as a simple example of how useful it could be!
  9. Hi Madjik, I was trying to achieve the effects in your picture. So I applied the Oblique effect to the hexagons but found that some of the hexagons were out of alignment or incomplete. How did you create your picture?
  10. I love this plugin by BoltBait and think that some of us will find it more useful to use it on a new layer so that the angle of the arrow can be adjusted. Suggested modification to his original steps: 1. Create a new layer (easier for adjustment of angle of arrow without affecting the background). 2. Use the color wheel to select your primary color. This is what this tool uses for the color of the arrow to draw. 3. Select the paint brush tool or the line drawing tool and change the brush width. 4. Using the rectangle select tool, draw a selection from the desired starting line point to
  11. Thanks for a great plugin! Possibly useful way to adjust angle of arrow: Choose the select tool, depress the right mouse button and rotating the selection to the required angle.
  12. Many of Crazy Dan's links don't work for me. http://www.freewebs.com/cmdsketchpad/ Anyone with better luck?
  13. Surprise, surprise! I first inserted text, then selected the text, and using the move tool was able to right-click and rotate the text to the angle that I wanted. Remembered this from a previous posting which I couldn't track down. But could be useful steps for others trying to do the same. If its done on a new layer, the background will be unaffected.
  14. Thanks MadJik for the response. I could be mistaken but I believed that in an earlier version I could not only move the line of text but could also make it inclined by right-clicking and rotating it. Could anyone tell me if I'm mistaken?
  15. Thot I used to be able to rotate text easily with the mouse after typing it. Recently, with version 3, I found that I could move the text but couldn't rotate it. Is there a new way of doing things or have I forgotten how it's done?! Appreciate advice.
  16. Wonder if it would be feasible for the plug-ins to be dated on the Forum page so that we can know when to download the latest improved version. E.g Gradient Effects Plugin (23.1.07)
  17. Nope, your technique definitely gives superior results. Didn't think of combining so many effects together - Oil Paint, Gaussian Blur, Glow, Toon effect etc! Was experimenting to get a better result from the Toon effect. Liked your result so much I printed out the steps and the photo for reference. Thanks.
  18. Discovered one way to improve the results for some pictures: 1. Apply the toon effect to the background pic 2. Copy the toon effect to the clipboard 3. Undo the toon effect on the background to get its original state 4. Create a new layer, paste the clipboard contents, and then going to the Layer --> Layers Property, adjust the opacity to about 139 or whatever setting suits your eye. 5. Flatten the immage. I think these steps create quite lovely pictures.
  19. Just used CCleaner.exe and it showed up a hidden and read-only file in one of my temporary folders. Is there a need and reason for this? Why can't the temporary file be obviously known to us all?
  20. Wow!!! Thanks for a truly great plugin. Love all the useful photoediting tools.
  21. Thanks for this very useful tip!!! I've been extremely frustrated over having to zoom in before being able to move or rotate but knowing this technique certainly takes the pain out of the process.
  22. Couldn't you teach your dad to expand the canvas to the total width and height of all his aligned photos and then create a layer for each new photo? He could then easily align them and then flatten the image.
  23. Wonder if some structure could be possibly given to the tutorials forum as the same topic occcurs frequently under different threads. Some of the discussions seem to be dated by the posting of new, simpler and more efficient techniques. Perhaps, the older ones could be edited out?
  24. Deepest apologies. First reply seemed to hang. Pressed the "Back" and then double-clicked the "Send". Check the discussion group and was horrified to discover that I'd sent three replies!!! Wondered whether to apologise immediately or to wait for a reaction. Now that has happened, apologies again to all.
  25. Thanks for the most helpful answers. Checked the resampling filter once again when I was reducing the photos and was shocked to see that it was really supersampling! Apologies for my confusion but how does supersampling compare with Lanczos? Any answers?
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