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  1. Hi Dan, Jotting down the four corners is much easier than trying to fix the corners using the current plugin or rotatation feature in Paint.net. Just imagine how easy it would be to fill the visible sides of the box or any four sided shape (quadragon? Lol - forgotten the correct term!). Right now it's agony fitting a picture precisely to the side facade of a box. Hope springs eternal.... David
  2. Finally, there's hope, the plugin master has come! Evanolds, I was wondering if it could be possible to be more precise in distorting the shape of a picture. This would make fitting a picture to the side of a 3D box very much easier. The four corners of the side could be determined by the user quite easily by placing the mouse cursor over the corners. Then I would like to use a newer version of your plugin on a picture placed on a layer above the box. If by having the four corners position (x,y) specified, we could all then re-shape the picture easily into the side or facade of the box.
  3. Wonder if these steps will help you... 1. Create another layer over the background picture. 2. Create the oval on the new transparent layer 3. Create another layer over this layer 4. Type the first letter of your text 5. Click the selection tool, move it to the position that you desire, and then right-click and drag until the rotation is correct. 6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each letter of your text 7. Click on the oval (if you don't want this object and are only using it to guide your positioning) and then delete the layer. Perhaps, someone could come up with an easier method to help y
  4. Hi Ash, Don't really how to align all the images before using shape3D. I have used a single picture, applied the shape3D plugin, and then seen the picture on all the four sides of the box. Do you mean to say there's a way to align diferent pictures before using shape3D so that each picture goes to a different face of the box? Would appreciate pictures and a tutorial if that were possible! Regards, David
  5. Madjik, Thanks for the clear instruction. I was able to create some fairly good stars. Eagerly awaiting a plugin from you to produce stars up to the standard of your samples! Regards, David
  6. Hi Evanolds, Wonder if your plugin can have a feature that will enable pictures to be fitted to the sides of a box easily (when used with shape3D plugin). The four corners of the side of the box can easily be determined by the user by placing the mouse cursor over each corner. Would it be possible for the plugin to then use these known positions of the side of the box as the new positions of the picture? Hopefully, yes! Regards, David
  7. Madjik, your stars etc look so beautiful!!! Done with code, I suppose. Could it be easily done without coding?
  8. Hi Madjik, Really amazed at your screen shots! Truly beautiful. Can't wait to try the plugin when it's ready. Glad you're such a creative programmer. Regard, David
  9. Thanks for replying but I've tried that plugin and found it too difficult to adjust a picture to the side of a box without having to cheat and cut off bits and pieces later. Was hopeful for a plugin wherein we input the old and new coordinates of the top right-hand corner, top left-hand corner, bottom right-hand corner and bottom lef-hand corner, and wondrously the plugin adjusts the photo from its old location (old coordinates) to its new location (new coordinates). May be too monumental a task but since I'm no programmer I thot I'd ask and see!
  10. I've absolutely no programming skills for Paint.net so I don't know if the suggestion that follows is feasible. Wonder if a plugin could be done to adjust a rectangular photo/picture using the x,y co-ordinates of the four corners. This would be extremely useful when adjusting a photo to the sides of a box using MKT's plugin. The x,y coordinates of the new position could be easily determined from cursor positions over the four corners fof the new location. If this is possible, fitting photos/pics to the sides of boxes would be a breeze!
  11. I actually did try to fit a picture to the side but found it very difficult - probably because of inexperience. Was just hoping that slider controls could enable the various lengths to be adjusted more easily in your plugin but guess that it could be too much work! Thanks for responding. Appreciate all the plugins and updates that show your perfectionistic trait.
  12. Hi Madjik, Thanks for another great update. Wonder if you could date this plugin, as you do for the others, so that we will not miss your latest version. Wonder if this request is feasible? Could we separately adjust the two horizontal and two vertical parameters of the object we are applying the oblique plugin to? Find the zoom/rotate rather hit-miss possibly because I'm not too familiar with the complicated settings. This may make fitting oblique images to a rotated box a much easier task. Hope it's not too difficult. Thanks, David
  13. Think MKT's plugin will be the basis of a rival tutorial on how to make a software box! It simplifies the box creation!
  14. Hi Madjik, Simply marvellous! Thanks for the speedy update to the request for more ray numbers. David
  15. Hi Madjik, Thanks for improving on a most useful plugin. Wonder if the maximum number of rays could be increased to more than 200? David
  16. If we asked Einstein, he would say it's all a matter of relativity! If someone like Madjik never warned that a plugin was a beta but now tells us that his latest is a beta, then I choose to believe him!
  17. If we asked Einstein, he would say it's all a matter of relativity! If someone like Madjik never warned that a plugin was a beta but now tells us that his latest is a beta, then I choose to believe him!
  18. I've read BoltBait's webpages on the alpha mask plugin and would also like to read CMD's tutorial which was supposed to be already be up but I can't locate it. Could someone help me locate it?
  19. Thanks to all who responded. Checked out the installation instructions again, and as pointed out by Bob, the uninstallation refers to the beta versions. Created a Restore Point (just in case!) and successfully installed the new software. Thanks especially to Bob!
  20. I am planning to install Visual Web Developer 2005 but disciovered that I had to uninstall .Net Framework 2.0 before installing the new prog. Does anyone know how this uninstallation will affect Paint.NET? If it causes it to cease functioning, is there any step or software required to be installed to return its function?
  21. Hi Pleska, Feel embarrassed with everyone thanking you for the great plugin when I am totally lost despite trying to use it. Any chance of a step-by-step tutorial with graphics?
  22. Thanks, Madjik, for the explanation. Appreciate even more the effort that you all take to create the plugin and then post it to another website for us to download. Thanks to all you great guys!!!
  23. Thanks Madjik for the update but I wonder why it comes to me from another website instead of Paint.Net? Made me wonder at first if it was a virus, spybot or anything evil!!
  24. Thanks for a wonderful portrait plugin! Simplifies process of making older men and women look better!!
  25. Hi Madjik, Now the UI looks as beautiful as is befitting an excellent kaleidoscope! Thank you!
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