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  1. Hi kshotts, Thanks for the clear reply. The effects look so good I was hoping that I could isolate them on a black background for use on other pictures. Will hope and wait for a version that can do it on a black background.
  2. Hi kshotts, Will the plugin generate the stars and flares over a completely black background? Tried it without success. Wonder if it's a setting that I should learn.
  3. Thanks, Pyrochild, for the extra feature. Makes selection of outline colour such a breeze!
  4. Wonder if it would be possible to date this plugin on the Title so that users can know when there is another update. The present "Updated" tag will still be valid for all versions without anyone knowing of later improvements. Thanks.
  5. Hi barkbarkoo, Tried the suggestion of using the bevel plugin with identical primary and secondary colours. Lovely effect. Wonder why I never think of that possibility!
  6. Hi Pyrochild, Thanks for this very useful plugin. Wonder if it could be possible to allow the plugin outline colour to be changed before finalizing its effect. This will be useful for testing out how a particular colour blends in with the rest of the background or picture.
  7. Hi Ash, If the date of the updated plugin is on the title of the plugin, we will know when there has been a recent update with greater ease. Quite a few plugin authors already do that. Regards, David
  8. Hi MKT, Thanks for continuing to improve this excellent plugin! Could you kindly indicate the date of each update e.g (29th Aug 2007)? This will make it easier for all of us who are keen to download the latest version. Thanks, David Tay
  9. Thanks for an excellent and user-friendly plugin. It will certainly rescue many photos with too marked contrasts!
  10. Thanks for the help but I discovered that I've been looking for the plugin in the wrong place! Searched desperately in the Effects drop down list, and in the Render section to no avail, and then discovered it in Effects-->Distort! Thought it was on its own like the earlier seamless plugins. Apologies for ignorance! Wonder if this plugin should not really be located in the Render section of the Effects instead of the Distort section? Also think that its location could be in the first posting instead of being found in an example in a subsequent posting.
  11. Hi Madjik,I downloaded from the zipped file from the first page, unzipped the file, sent the plugin to the effects folder, and confirmed its presence there as seamlesshelper. Ran it on a picture but the plugin executed without any interface and therefore there was no user choice inputs available. Am I downloading the correct plugin or file?
  12. Thanks, jsnchiu, for a truly excellent plugin! It works beautifully without blurring the image. Will the moderators consider stickying this plugin? Works wonderfully.
  13. Lol! I'm sorry but the revised pictures tell me what I already can do - run your plugin on the first picture. But in your example there is a third picture: How do I get that effect from your second picture using the curves+ plugin? From what I can see, just using your plugin alone cannot get me the same end-result that you obtained using curves+ and the hue adjustment plugins. Tried running the curves + plugin but could never get to the third picture.
  14. Hi Enormator! I'll take the risk of revealing my ignorance by telling you that I don't know how to change the second picture to the third, nor the third to the fourth in the example that you gave!! Wonder if you could explain the steps but if it's too bothersome, it's alright.
  15. Thanks Pyrochild. I actually selected the white background with the selection tool at the default setting, and then deleted it. Then I ran the plugin and nothing worked. Discovered the problem: I set the selection tool at 0 tolerance, and then repeated the whole procedure with successful feathering effect. Thanks for the response.
  16. Would be great if it works for me! Downloaded the plugin, put in in effects folder, copied the same cat from jsonchiu's posting, ran the plugin. Nothing happened! Setting was at the default value of 5.
  17. Thanks jsonchiu! I've found this plugin wonderfully useful for my webpages. Truly appreciate this great add-on to Paint.net!
  18. Hi Enormator, I really don't know how you managed to use the curves+ plugin to change your second picture into the third with bleached buildings against a blue sky! Must be more than just fine adjustments with curves and little fine-tuning with hues!!!
  19. Lovely plugin. A request: Could you allow for a negative range as well? That would really be super for some purposes!
  20. When I read your earlier posting, I was already impressed with 288, but 2000!!!!
  21. Thanks for the info. But it's fantastic to be able to key in the figure for the fonts and see such huge characters on the screen! Will truly be useful for posters and design work.
  22. Are the new features to the brush size and font size available for downloading now? Just downloaded the beta version but didn't see any difference.
  23. Apologies for not making myself clear - I thought the dropdown list for the brush size menu would be increased to 500. Is it supposed to remain at 100, and if the users wish a larger size they have to type in the size? If so, nothing's wrong.
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