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  1. Dear Serious Sam,

    Thank you for all the effort in producing this plugin. But seriously Serious Sam, I think we would benefit from a little more documentation as to what the various controls do to which part of the edited photo, as well as info on some recommended settings for the control.

    Would appreciate some explanations.

  2. Thanks, Simon, for a simple plugin.

    Like it's simplicity. Before running your plugin, I can use use the color picker to determine the exact color I want to remove, and then run the plugin with the exact RGB values for that color.

    Don't think you need to waste time programming an undo for 100 when we can just close the picture without saving it.

    Keep up your creative work. Thanks!

  3. Hi Sabrown,

    Just to let you know that your polygon plugin is really great! I'm sure it meets the needs of many users who may have to draw various shapes and found it difficult in the past.

    I think all of us appreciate the time and effort you put in creating interesting plugins. Perhaps, there should be others writing private messages to those whose grasp of the English language does not enable them to express themselves as clearly in English as they could in their mother tongue. Instead of criticizing them publicly, we could help create clearer explanations and instructions to plugin users.

    Wonder if this could not be a major role of moderators?

  4. Oma, your suggestion to expand the canvas is great - gave me an idea for a work-a-round to more precisely re-shape pictures.

    1. After expanding the canvas all round the picture, I could duplicate the new layer 3 times.

    2. Then, by selecting a different quarter of the picture in each of the 4 layers, I could eliminate everything else on that layer, and then apply the 'octagonal/quad reshappe/matte...' plugin on each remaining quarter of the picture.

    3. In effect, I would then have created extra nubs with the plugin for the picture by working on a quarter of the big picture at a time.

    4. Then, of course, by flattening the four layers, I would get the final product.

    5. Still hopeful for a better solution.

  5. I've been amazed by how how the pictures can be skewed and re-positioned with Rotate/Zoom feature as well as by the fantastic Shape3D plugin.

    Would it be possible to have a plugin that can re-shape pictures using 'dragable' handles along the vertical and horizontal margins of the picture. The more handles the better, of course. And if these handles were available as a grid along the whole picture, I can imagine all kinds of possible uses and distortions that can be done!

    Is this too great a programming task?

  6. Generally, all of us can accept the premise that things improve when useful changes are implemented. We also recognize that dissatisfaction (which can be called laziness by some) is often the inspiring force for improvements.

    Currently, plugins are labelled according to the individual tastes of their creators. Those who wish to call it a new version will do just that. Some may even run several versions on the plugins forum pages. Those who wish to inform others of an update by dating the plugin will also do so. With the multiplication of forum pages for collated groups of plugins as well as a secondary posting for each individual plugin in that group, the plugins forum pages begin to look increasingly challenging.

    If it's too much work it may not be worth considering such a request but if not, why not?

  7. I'm sure there are many other Paint.net users with OCD who repeatedly scour through the Plugins webpages several times a day to see if there are any new plugins or updates to the existing plugins.

    Perhaps, a New & Updated Plugins Section could be created wherein these new or updated plugins published within the current week are localized?

  8. Found a simple way to use the Toon effect to make beautiful pictures by combining it with the Ed Harvey Surface Blur effect:

    1. Open the picture that you want to apply the Toon effect on.

    2. Duplicate this layer so that you have two layers with the same picture.

    3. Apply the Toon effect onto the new layer (the top layer on the Layers' window).

    4. Apply the Ed Harvey Surface Blur effect onto the 'tooned' layer.

    5. Going to the Layers' menu --> Layer's Properties --> Keep the mode 'Normal' but reduce opacity to about 140.

    6. Flatten the layers.

    7. Admire your finished product - lol!

  9. Hi MatBlackLamb,

    On receiving kshotts explanation, I actually tried it out what you suggested and enjoyed the plugin tremendously.

    I can see myself creating a new black layer over the original picture, placing white spots to activate the plugin, doing a global select of all the black spots on this layer, and deleting all the black areas on this layer.

    Then I will be able to move the stars around to wherever I like. Thanks to all for helping.

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