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  1. 8/10 Nice background and text, but the glossy effect is corny
  2. Still I've found this on several sites. But when I had time to post it this is the only one I could find. Also, this is just an archive of another site (which I again can't find). But anyway, the idea is extremely disturbing
  3. http://www.blogskinny.com/2007/7/8/Windows-Seven.html It's number 5 on the second list Forget what was here, just don't let it happen. || || \/
  4. False, I detest Karate The person bellow me knows how to respond to the phrase "Peace and long life"
  5. can someone make a plugin for this?
  6. I think it would be awesome if in the next release of PdN, if it would be possible to have tool plugins. Like someone could write a star tool plugin to draw stars, etc. etc. Well that and a way to manage plugins. And a way to install plugins from within PdN would be awesome (kind of like Firefox's addons menu
  7. 0.90 pi out of 10 pi (What does "stars" have to do with your name)
  8. Open PdN, see in the upper left hand corener it says Untitled (100%). What does the (100%) mean?
  9. sorry about the last page, I'm not sure. 8/10 for your sig and regarding mine. I'm working on getting a new picture to use. but I just don't have a whole lot of time. (I just got a job!). (this sig is for all you trekies out there, you know who you are.)
  10. precisely. All you Japanese types need to translate it for us high tech rednecks
  11. The top one 6/10 (to fast) The middle one 8/10 (to square) The bottom one 4/10 (to old school) Now rate mine! \\_//
  12. I thought it might be a better idea to check with all the authors first, so...... I'll probably be checking with you author type guys and getting your permission for a effect pack.
  13. If you get a tablet it works fine, it just doesn't do any pressure sensitive lines. I have a tablet, and basically it just works as a mouse, but with more control!
  14. Let's get a page together that has links to all the plug-in download sites . That way it won't take so long to download them all :evil:.
  15. does paint.net support the use of those pen tablet things that let you draw on the screen?
  16. I would like to see a fill option where you can chose to fill the canvas with any number of backgrounds much like photoshop has.
  17. Ok I have a pretty good idea of how to do this head over to the tutorial section and i should have a tutorial up soon
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