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  1. You've got me wrong. I mean like this. http://luxa.org/tutorial_electrifying_energy_beams.php. Ohh and maybe we could get an inner and outer glow to. That would be great, because right now it looks like i'm going to have to switch to Photoshop if I'm going to continue with digital art.
  2. Does anyone know how to simulate pressure like in photoshop?
  3. I realize this is kind of a late reply to this, but I REALLY need support for OTF. Any plans?
  4. How about this, we could have a fullscreen mode, with two shortcuts (new shortcuts) say F6 would make all the options fly away and leave only the canvas, and then F6 again would bring everything back....... but with a sweet animation like the mac widgets effect
  5. I did something like this a while ago. I'll post a picture when my computer gets internet access again (I'm on another right now)
  6. just make the line in a new layer, then you don't have to worry about what color it is.
  7. lets do the PdN site. Even if it just asks for a screenshot, I'll post a link to the website I create. And by the way. This is what I do for a living, so get ready for some tough competition
  8. The key is having the right colors, see how CMD has his sig lighter at the bottom and darker at the top (in the center)? Once you do that creating the gloss is as simple as 1. creating a new layer 2. filling it with white 3. selecting gradient tool 4. set mode to opacity 5. and gradient off some of the white. also notice how the white ends abruptly (suggesting he only filled part of the new layer with white) It does take some practice. But the reason why it didn't work on your signature is because your signature has a flatt color. Apply a linear reflected gradient to the background and it should work alright. Do you think I should do a tutorial about making something like that?
  9. If you guys are asking us to code a site, your asking for trouble. That's what I do best (it's my job)! BEWARE, oooooooo (like a ghost)
  10. Hey, I'm warning you guys! Your asking for it if you want me to redesign the getpaint.net site. That's what I do.
  11. I also used the Paint.NET logo. (I hope you don't call this recoloring) I call my creation, "Paint.NET 2.0" http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/49639853/ \\// Peace and Long Life
  12. Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map For the "Non-DOS" people
  13. You could always set a different blending mode on the layer, probably wouldn't have the best results though
  14. Web designers (being me, actually I'm more of a developer) use this tool all the time.
  15. screen capture is a screen shot. I use Gadwin print screen free version. It's on this page: http://www.gadwin.com/download/
  16. actually that's one image is it better now? 8/10 nice gun
  17. OK figure of speech, I know Asians, and one of my best friends is an Asian 100/10 can't beat that tiger
  18. gee wiz how am I supposed to know if it's Chinese or Japanese. I'm not an Asian 7/10 same reason
  19. 10/10 for creativity and all around awesomeness Rate all three images please
  20. I can't tell what's in the orb and also it's so stereotypical, 6/10
  21. better? for you 9/10 would be 10 but I don't like the reaper image
  22. Please Hurry! I've been wanting this plugin for years! (but I'm to lazy to learn how to program in C++++ {Why can't we just use Python, it's much more efficient!})
  23. 8/10 IF you fix Obi wan so he looks a little less like Chuck Norris EDIT: Wait that isn't Obi wan it IS Chuck. Now I get it! EDIT: EDIT: 7/0 you need to say that it is Chuck Norris and you need to make the VS more obvious.
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