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  1. 1. make a new layer 2. insert the tattoo (the pieces wich dont belong to the tatto should be white) 3. double click at the layer thumbnail and set the fill mode to multiply There ya go! Greets Flo
  2. Click to Layers > Import from Image (or Picture? I dont know, what it is in the English version) and choose the photo. Then move the layer down, select it (Ctrl+A) and move it (M) to the right position. I hope, that I understood you well Greets Flo
  3. If you want to have it real: Try to pick up differnet colors, draw some ellipses and use gaussian blur.
  4. Yeah, sure I saw! I get an email, everytime a person write a message... Thank you for that. I added a comment in English to it EDIT: Nice avatar, Chirs.
  5. Wow! It looks realy real , Chris! I think, I'll have a new background soon...
  6. I played around with Tom's Polar Inversion Plugin, the radial blur, and some other things. What I got is this: Greets Flo
  7. Isnt that a picture? I asked him, if that is what he mean. But he didnt answer till now... So we have to wait Greets Flo
  8. Oh yes, it is! But you can memorize RGB-colors, cant you?
  9. Where are you from? I'm from Germany, and me English isnt well, too But, what is your problem guy? If you mean transparent with "diaphanous" (sorry, I dont know the word "diaphanous"), it would be easy Create a new layer and write the letters. Then doubleclick at the layer thumbnail and set the opacity to maybe 100. Greets Flo EDIT: Do you mean something like this: http://www.dog-photo.com/cpg132/albums/2004_11_27/normal_143.jpg ?? There is a © in the image, against copying it. If you meant, follow the steps I wrote above. Writing a copyright sign wouldnt be difficult, too. Write a "C" and then make a circle around (with the ellipse tool and holding down shift.) The same is with "®". And the "TM", you will get alone, I think
  10. Er.. why dont you type in the RGB- or the Hex-Color?
  11. Really funny Luigifan14, is that you at the photo? @Rick: er.. that is for Photoshop, isnt is?
  12. Nice, Dan! But now, I remember a question, I had since a few days: Can someone explain me the function/usage for each layer blending mode?
  13. rofl, Gadfly Jr wounded625, its a cool picture, but I think, it is to colorfull for a background.
  14. Nice, wounded625. I made another picture what looks like this, some weeks before. For all the peoeple who want to make: Fill a squarish picture with some colors of your choise, I choosed 3 rectangulars, yellow, red and blue. Now make the picture to a bigger size (the doubled size would be enough) without making the FORMS bigger. (Sorry, I cant explain, which function it is, I am a German ) Now you should have a white border. If you want to put the create "ring" onto another background, you can delete the white border. (Select the Magic Wand Tool, click in white area and press the delete key.) Then you use the radial blur at 360 degrees. What you will get is something like this:
  15. Only gold? I'll give you a platin one, evanols! Greets Flo
  16. Thank you, aatwo, that is what I wanted to say (Sorry, language barrier)
  17. - My avatar - - A faked Vista-Logo (here you find the original one) - My updated signature - And last but not least, my homepage: http://www.florian-severin.de/ (I am sorry, it is in German but I would like it, if you will write a guestbook message like Dan has done ) Greets Flo
  18. There comes up a question: What is a bug? - And what isnt a bug? :arrow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_bug "It is not a bug, it is a feature" Greets Flo
  19. Thank you, Rick. If I could do it, I would have renamed this yet
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